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2017 BMW M5 Review

2017 BMW M5

The 2017 BMW M5 is trying to reinvent itself by bringing in something that all of us would not dream for this model to get. In fact, an all-wheel drive variant  for the M5 was considered as something impossible before but it appears that it is going to become a reality with the latest model…

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2017 Ford Atlas Review

2017 Ford Atlas

The 2017 Ford Atlas model is finally going to make an appearance on the big stage. The model which started off as a concept is coming closer and closer to its production level and may be released pretty soon. This car was used already many times as after the concept was released in 2013 at…

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2017 Dodge Barracuda Review

2017 Dodge Barracuda

The latest news that came about the newest 2017 Dodge Barracuda is that the car is getting a reboot. It is the newest that has swept the world and the fact that we are getting back this legendary vehicle is something that makes Dodge pretty likeable right now. The Cuda is already a legendary car…

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2017 Jeep Renegade Review

2017 Jeep Renegade

The upcoming 2017 Jeep Renegade release is perhaps the best news that Jeep has announced in recent times. It is certinaoy going to be beneficial for them to have this model at this period as the car is going to ride on the recent success of the iconic Wrangler and also fill in the gap…

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2017 Ford Super Duty Redesign Review

2017 Ford Super Duty Redesign

The newts 2017 Ford Super Duty Redesign will see the care transform from the design that it was to an outstanding vehicle now. It is going to take after its sibling the Ford F-150 model and will incorporate cab section given there but will retina its sheet metal which is also shaped a little bit…

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2017 GMC Yukon Review

2017 GMC Yukon

Compared to the current model, the 2017 GMC Yukon is going to get a few updates. It is actually interesting to see an update to be provided so soon as the current one has not been on the market for that long, but GMC is keeping things competitive and is offering us an update which…

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2017 Jeep Commander Review

2017 Jeep Commander

Be prepared as the newest 2017 Jeep Commander is on its way. After a period of waiting and assuming, Jeep has finally gotten closer to actually releasing its Commander model. The car has been on the sidelines for a while and there were not many indications whether we would get so see it come back….

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2017 Jaguar XJ Coupe Review

2017 Jaguar XJ Coupe

Jaguar has finally announced that their 2017 Jaguar XJ Coupe car is getting an update. As their flagship vehicle it is pretty important for them to get a model which is going to keep up the brand and maintain its attractiveness. What the latest car brings is an updated added to the exterior and a…

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2017 Porsche 960 Review

2017 Porsche 960

There have been gathering news about a 2017 Porsche 960 release which is going to be released sooner rather than later. In fact this model has been rumored for production for some time and as we have managed to find out the car is still being produced and will be offered very soon. The production…

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