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2016 Mercedes AMG GT Review

Berlin hasn’t made a clear announcement of how many of this edition models of the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT it is going to deliver to the market and when it is going to release them. Besides expecting standard features on the exterior which we expect to include a front grille of diamond possibly with fins,…

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2015 BMW X5

The new 2015 BMW X5 is out as the fans have eagerly awaited the return of this great SUV vehicle. The new X5 is a vehicle which has been engineered in Germany but actually built in South Carolina, represents a fabulous combination of luxury and on road maneuverability. The car has been built to possess…

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2016 Mazda MX-5

I remember the time when I used to play video games all the time. That was a time when racing games were everything we played, and everything we loved. As a kid, I played Need For Speed every day. And my vehicle of choice was always Mazda MX-5 or Mazda Miata. You can imagine the…

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2016 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot was a model which was first introduced back in 2008. Immediately showing promise, this car was a very interesting vehicle for many of the fans who liked the style and the luxury which the Pilot brought to the table. But as of late, Honda has decided to retire the old model as…

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2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab

Toyota comes out with a new updated vehicle this year and this time it is the 2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab. The review of this vehicle is available here for you to read and the pictures of the new 2015 Hilux are also provided for you to take a look and to inspect it a…

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2016 Lexus RX 350

The 2016 Lexus RX 350 has to be one of the contemporary popular vehicles. Its modern brand enables all that a suburban family needs and gives luxury and efficiency in driving. This is everything that the newest 2016 model will offer and even more. The car has been proudly redesigned and remodeled for the upcoming…

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2015 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

Toyota is on the verge to release its new 2015 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid truck. The vehicle which is on its own heavy reliable and has some stellar utility application and is very useful will get its hybrid version this year. The release date was not officially confirmed but we can expect the car to emerge…

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2015 Jeep Cherokee Review

Check out the review about the latest 2015 Jeep Cherokee vehicle which will be hitting the stands really soon. The vehicle is the latest addition to the Cherokee line and is one of the embodiments of the original Cherokee which was released for the first time in 1986. This legendary vehicle set the bar for…

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2016 Honda Odyssey Changes

The news of the release of the new 2016 Honda Odyssey is upon us and states that the car is going to features certain changes for its fifth generation from. This is a mini-van which has been released by Honda back in 1994 and immediately took to liking of the majority of the fans. Its…

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