BMW is looking ahead to a bright future as it is releasing its new 2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury car. It is going to be a vision of modern luxury, as it actual name says, and the vehicle is expected to make a bang immediately after its release.

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This car firmly states the idea of a luxury future for the BMW brand as it is both luxurious and elegantly looking but with sporty features. The vision is made also from lighter materials, mainly carbon-fiber and aluminum, making the car lighter and able to spring up on its heels in no time. The car is officially scheduled to debut at the International Motor Show in Beijing.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury side

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury Exterior

Starting from the exterior design, the car is made so as to attract people both with its elegance and poise. The new 2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury will immediately catch your eye as its design is its main feature. The exterior design has been actually very much taken from the Gran Lusso 2013.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury rear

The front part of the vehicle exemplifies the standard and trademark BMW grille but with an alteration by being put up much higher that we are actually accustomed to. The exterior as been designed to have non-intrusive B pillars which in turn allow the inside of the car to be more spacious. The materials used for the outside of the car are mainly carbon-fiber and aluminum materials which make the vehicle much lighter than it usually was and enhance its speed and durability.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury grill


The name says luxury and luxury is what you will get inside of the vehicle. The 2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury includes a special design of the BMW company which is soon to be used in the new Series-7 vehicles and other models of the this brand as well. It is a unique and pretty interesting design which will certainly catch on pretty quickly.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury interior

The interior is made out of fine and comfy materials, like leather, wood and aluminum, and gives you all the luxury you need which is present in almost any BMW vehicle till now. The inside is also roomier and enables the passengers at the back to have as much room as they want while enjoying their ride. The car also includes a 3D instrument panels which is divided into three screens.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury inside

There you can check your gauges while driving, view the additional info needed and use your entertainment system as well. Additionally the vision head up display is also included and various other entertainment gadgets which only raise the comfort standard of this vehicle.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury inside seats


There are currently three trim levels available for the new 2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury. The first one includes 3.0L I6 capable of producing no less than 316 horsepower. Secondly, the next available engine for the new Vision is a 6.0L V12 which can stack up to a 537 of horsepower.

The Vision also has a diesel engine trim which includes a diesel 3.0L I6 which can produce the highest 376 horsepower. The gearbox for all trim levels will include an eight-speed automatic transmission. Also there are talks of including a hybrid I6 engine capable of achieving 349 horsepower.

2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury

Release Date and Price

The release is set for the unveiling of the car at the Beijing show in the beginning of next year. There further information will be available on how to get and find the new 2015 BMW Vision Future Luxury. The price, on the other hand, is still a mystery and we expect it also to be known after the show.


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