When it comes to the automotive industry, the 2015 Detroit Auto Show is the equivalent of the Oscars in the movie industry. And as movies are mostly made in Hollywood, so has the automobile industry has its own main town. We are of course talking about Detroit, themotor city, where in millions of people are going to flock in order to attend this year’s biggest venue.

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The Detroit Auto Show is the main show when it comes to unveiling new cars, each year hundreds of new brands and models get their official release here as well as for the head-start of some concept models who eventually go on to reach the production line later.

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2015 Detroit Auto Show

This year we are expected to receive record attendance with some of the most interesting new designs and the presentations of some highly expected models as well. The focus this year is mainly on the muscle cars, speedsters, trucks and ,all in all, performance vehicles. On the other hand, it is a pity that there are not that much green cars introduced this year. It appears that the current trend has shifted from being green and safe to being powerful and exemplifying better performance.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Lexus

In the next few days we will witness the first ever unveiling of some highly expected vehicle. Luxurious trucks and exotic sport vehicle are in the spotlight this time and it is expected that some of them will most likely steal the show this year.

Dodge starts off its campaign with the introduction of the two Hellcats, vehicles. The Challenger and the Charger are tip to be some of the stars of the show, particularly as their power is measured at some 707 hp. On the other hand Ford is a bit secretive with their offer and stands as one of the biggest rivals to Dodge this year.

Ford has already announced last month that it is going to introduce 12 new supercars until the year of 2020. It is rumored that the star of its line is going to be the GT, which latest model has been made long back in 2006.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Toyota Mustang

Ford is still keeping all the cards safely tucked in their sleeves and is only waiting for the right opportunity to play its hand. We are expecting a few surprises from them at this year’s Detroit show but we are still uncertain at what to expect as they have managed to do a great job in keeping everything a secret.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Ford

Ford has shown the Shelby GT350 Mustang at the Los Angeles show in November, which we think has only been done to set the stage on what it is going to happen here.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Ford

Ram is another brand from which we need to expect big things. Its Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is announced for official release in Detroit, and having been already satisfied the fuel efficiency mark by introducing the an 8-speed transmission system with adjustable suspension and a diesel option that provides 28 m.p.g. This makes Ram quite a competitor this year in the light-duty pickup field and something which the fans will most certainly be looking forward to.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Ram

Nissan also comes packing big guns. It will unveil its new full-size Titan pickup vehicle. This is perhaps a step up for the Nissan in getting a piece of the action from the big truck industry. This has proven to be a highly lucrative field in recent years which has mainly been led by Ford, Ram and General Motors. Nissan will certainly make a breakthrough with the Titan and it is a step forward from the brand and also an improvement and an innovation for these types of cars.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Nissan

Toyota does not come empty handed as the new Tacoma vehicle is going to be introduced and is announced as the answer to the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon vehicles. We shall have to wait and see for that one if it really will come though as all the information about it will be available at the show.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Toyota Supra

So as you can see, expect trucks, SUVs, crossover vehicles and pickups. There will be almost no talk about fuel efficiency as the fuel prices are down and the fans do not want to hear anything about sparing and cars which will sacrifice speed and power in order to save up on fuel.

This is the theme of the 2015 North American International Auto Show that takes place in Cobo Center this year. There will be many interesting unveilings and certainly some dark horses are expected to appear as well. Many more interesting facts and presentations are yet to appear as the show starts.


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