The upcoming 2015 North American Auto Show will certainly feature some new interesting models for the upcoming year. Perhaps one news that is certainly making a lot of noise is coming from Volkswagen.

The German automakers has huge plans in making an 2015 Detroit Volkswagen SUV crossover vehicle specially for the US market, and as it seems the Detroit show is just the place to start with its official unveiling.

The details are not exact and a lot of things are kept in the dark for now as the concept is certainly going to be presented on the Detroit show but as for the production model is concerned the latest that it could be approved is for the 2017.

2015 Detroit Volkswagen side

According to Reuters, Volkswagen is planning to expand its production on the US market which is perhaps the sole reason for this concept crossover vehicle.

As for the years to come, Volkswagen is going to launch a series of SUVs on the American market with crossover as the pioneer of this project. The car is going to be a first in line of many models which are planned to make a breakthrough on the US market for the German automaker. We will have to wait for the Detroit show to see what the future is going to hold for Volkswagen’s plans and the future of their cars.

2015 Detroit Volkswagen rear

2015 Detroit Volkswagen Details

There are not many information or details about the forthcoming concept. The thing which is certain is that Volkswagen needs this in order to make a breakthrough on this lucrative market. The car is going to be built in the US Tennessee plant in order to be ready for the Detroit show. It is also known that it is going to be a seven-passenger SUV with room for five people.

The focus of Volkswagen is to build a smaller vehicle, similar to a Golf hatchback. These smaller types of vehicles have proven to be great for the US market which the German automaker needs to take full advantage from.

2015 Detroit Volkswagen front side

Since there are already a wide array of crossovers available the upcoming concept crossover has to give the audience something big in order to make it. Another interesting fact is that besides the crossover concept, the Tiguan and Touareg vehicles from Volkswagen are going to be next in line for unveillance.

We are not certain when but is is more likely going to be after the Detroit show and the presentation of the first car. The Tiguan and Touareg have already been scheduled for an overhaul long time ago and are going to be one of the plans which follow suit after the Detroit show.

2015 Detroit Volkswagen inside

Release Date of 2015 Detroit Volkswagen

Since there are not much information updated recently about the concept vehicle, we will have to wait for the actual show to see everything first hand. Volkswagen is keeping everything on a need-to-know basis and we respect that. We will get to know everything we need in January when the show takes off.

The production of the 2015 Detroit Volkswagen SUV vehicle is actually scheduled for some time in 2017 or latest in 2018 when we shall actually get to buy one of these babies. Stick and stay with all news which come up about this concept car or wait for its official release at the Detroit Auto Show for more accurate details.


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