A legacy which spans back 60 years is what the company of Ferrari stands for. One of the most sought brands and certainly one of the most popular and celebrated cars known. Ferrari has produced cars for this period and managed to astound the public making each new model better than its predecessor. Now the time has come for a special celebrity where Ferrari celebrates its birthday bay once again giving to the audience and the followers of the Ferrari brand. We are of course talking about the 2015 Ferrari F60 America which is a limited edition vehicle specially made for the American market. Many will be dissatisfied to know that Ferrari is actually making only 10 of these babies and all of them are already sold off before their actual completion. This vehicle has the privilege of marking an era of car production and is made to have a little bit of something from every car ever produced during the long span of 60 years and the existence of Ferrari. One of the most sought automobile of the year, as the release date is yet to be announced, and a very rare collectable edition vehicle which concludes a large feather in the cap of Ferrari and one of the most beautiful and most interesting cars in their line of vehicles.

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2015 Ferrari F60 America Exterior

A Ferrari can be a Ferrari if it does not have an aggressive look. This is the characteristic of all of the vehicles coming from this line and is certainly one of the characteristic that the 2015 Ferrari F60 America possesses. A car which has “speed” written all over it has a six-decade-old experience of body shop work put into it. All the work put into it has resulted in a truly aerodynamic, beautifully sculptured and perfectly balanced vehicle. It is an open roof car with the trademark Ferrari chrome single grill in the front. One can truly see all the muscles of this muscle car upon just looking at it and the beautiful exterior design is enough to make every car enthusiast’s mouth water.

2015 Ferrari F60 America rear


The interior part of the 2015 Ferrari F60 America brings as much fun as the outside of it. The high quality of comfort is blended with a mean and sporty look of the cockpit. You will get an inside which matches the speed and the aggressive look of the outside of the car but with enough comfort to enable you to enjoy that very same ride. The people from Ferrari have decided to pay a special homage to some old vehicles from their line by putting a small part of it inside the 2015 Ferrari F60 America.

2015 Ferrari F60 America inside

You will see a modern design of the dashboard with some of the older and traditional Ferrari hallmarks in it. Both the driver’s and passenger’s seat are made from leather although the immediate difference is their color. The driver’s seat and is red while the passenger’s seat is black. As the homage to the bright red color which is the trademark of every Ferrari vehicle, so is the better part of the inside of the car colored red. Besides the driving seat, the part of the dashboard and the whole part of the inside door is red, giving you a modern and yet a traditional Ferrari tone to it.

2015 Ferrari F60 America interior


When Ferrari says muscular it means muscular, as the 2015 Ferrari F60 America can reach the speed from 0 to 100mph in a matter of 3.1 seconds. How you ask? Well the answer is Ferrari’s award winning V12 engine which first in perfectly with this limited edition car. The 6.3 liter engine is powered with at amazing 730 horsepower which brings the 2015 Ferrari F60 America as the most powerful Ferrari car ever built. The torque is measured at 690 Nm. A two seater with an open roof will certainly mess up your hair at this speed but it is the price you will gladly accept to pay to drive this car.

2015 Ferrari F60 America fair


Being that this is a collectible edition car with only ten of a kind made in the world, the price has to be high. The correct price is yet to be announced or concluded, but there are some assumptions which are already being made about the price of 2015 Ferrari F60 America. If we trust the rumor mill the average price which the ten owners of this car will have to pay is somewhere around 2.5 million dollars.


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