Perhaps one of the greatest moves that Ford has ever made with its production of Ford Edge vehicles. A car with diverse utility and strength has overflowed the crossover market. Morse so are the alternative trims that the company has produced alongside the basic model. One of them is certainly the 2015 Forde Edge Sport which is getting its release date soon.

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With the second generation of the Edge vehicles hitting the market, there is no doubt that they are going to take the crow by a storm. The new design has been in the works a pose a great refreshment for the Edge Mark. Particularly interesting among all is its Sport trim which has some enhanced features opposed to the base model and gives a sportier look than the base Edge vehicle.

Just look at the provided pictures of the 2015 Ford Edge Sport and you will be able to compare it yourself. Although the new 2015 Ford Edge has a more athletic look than its predecessors, the Sport trim takes this a step further and offers a very unique and interesting design which may emerge to become the favorite one of the fans. Continue reading the review to find out the specifications that we have found out about the vehicle.

2015 Ford Edge Sport side

2015 Ford Edge Sport Exterior

As the characteristic of the new Ford Edge vehicle is to be more athletic and aggressive than before, it is no secret that this time we are getting a very sporty and fabulously designed car. But as the Sport trim takes its hold on the vehicle, you will get a completely new feel to the car whatsoever. The 2015 Ford Edge Sport uses some blacked-out details that bring out the sportiveness of the vehicle even more.

2015 Ford Edge Sport grill

This can perhaps best be seen in the undertones of the car which are completed with the new alternative look of the tail-lamps which are provided. It also sports a somewhat lower body work that which otherwise make a genderless design for the newest vehicle. This is perhaps the greatest and best characteristic of the Sport trim of the newest Ford Edge, one that might even take all the fame out of other trims and shift it on its side.

2015 Ford Edge Sport rear


The inside is a very welcoming are, as we describe best the 2015 Ford Edge Sport. It has some very good interior finishes, much better than before and it is a good step forward in the quality and functionality of the inside of the vehicle. Ford has taken a lesson from their Focus and Escape brands and decided to use them with this trim as well. The results are more than great as the new look for all the Edge vehicle makes a much comfortable ride for the people inside.

First of all, the inside is much more functional and useful opposed to the previous designs. The capacitive touch features that were added have now been excluded and substituted with some modern and very usable ones. What is the most interesting part of the inside is that the new dashboard is designed with knobs and buttons. The return of these feature does not only make the design great but also easier to use while driving, it does not take you mind away from the road and makes a much easier driving environment.

2015 Ford Edge Sport interior

Engine of 2015 Ford Edge Sport

Under the hood the 2015 Ford Edge Sport features a twin-turbocharged, direct-injected 2.7-liter V-6 engine option. This massive beast is very strong and useful even in utility purposes. It enables driving to be much easier and enjoyable and helps with the performance of any job to be done quicker and efficiently. The vehicle can muster up to 315 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque and this engine type is also installed within the new F-150 pickup trucks as well. Knowing for which purposes they will be used, you kind of a get an idea what the Sport trim will be all about. On all of the Edge trims you will find a six-speed automatic transmission system, which comes as standard, while some trims offer an eight or nine speeds as well.

2015 Ford Edge Sport engine engine

2015 Ford Edge Sport front grill

Price and Release Date

As we cannot still confirm the official release date of the new 2015 Ford Edge Sport, you will have to wait for the confirmation as it is anticipated really soon, perhaps till end of this year even. But the price is firmly set at 35.500 USD or 38.100 USD if you want it with additional features and add ons.


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