The 2015 Ford Escape is out and has graced us with its presence on its recent release. This is what made us make a review about it as it is one of the cars that simply needs to be covered.

The Ford Escape brand has made a transition from a boxy car to a much elegant and elegantly shaped version that is right now. The 2015 Ford Escape continues with the contemporary style of the vehicle which is here to stay and certainly will not change back to its old measures.

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The new version actually carries over much of the design traits from its previous models. But there are some innovations and redesigns that make the new 2015 Ford Escape even better than before. The Escape looks sportier now and actually behaves and looks like a real car. It is strong. has a lot of passenger space, is very responsive while driving and all in all performs much better than before.

As you can see from the provided pictures, the 2015 Ford Escape is in the line of making it as one of the best cars in its class. The newest model has been made to fit the contention and will emerge as one of the most promising ones in its class.

2015 Ford Escape side

2015 Ford Escape Exterior

The exterior design of the new 2015 Ford Escape is based on the Explorer, this newest version provides much better car like characteristics. It has been designed to look far better and elegant. On the outside it has an aggressive aspect to it that will attract the attention by many.

The sporty stance has been made due to the design changes this car has underwent. Although small it shows better characteristics than before. Far better aerodynamics in this case have made the car behave much better on the road. it has crisp handling and maneuvering capabilities The stellar body control is also a feature that will most people like.

This is a great move from Ford by giving the new Escape a sportier and a car like design. Both the characteristics of the vehicle and its design are far better than before, ranking it as a modern and contemporary car.

2015 Ford Escape front side


The inside of the 2015 Ford Escape provides a lot of space, particularly the back seat part. On the other hand the new plastically looking interior will not find an appealing side to many of the fans, but its usefulness will certainly get the better part of it. The interior goes well with the exterior as the sleek look of the outside and the elegant look of the inside go hand in hand together.

2015 Ford Escape interior

The back seat is a bit firm and has enough space to take in two adults. The tall body of the car with the addition of a flat cargo area give just enough and actually even more cargo space than you would have preferred. It is a very useful trait or rather a characteristic by the new Escape as it provides a very useful application for the car.

The materials that are used to make the inside of the Escape are very handsome looking and very comfortable to ride in. The soft leather upholsteries are a perfect addition and there are various color schemes to choose from. This concludes the overall inside look of the car as it makes it both appealing to the eye, comfortable to ride in and useful for various reasons.

2015 Ford Escape inside seats

2015 Ford Escape display


As engine options there are some various choices for the 2015 Ford Escape vehicle. The base level for instance includes the 2.5-liter four engine option which is more than enough for this type of a vehicle and goes well with its sleek new style and boasts well for around the city drives.

The second option is the 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which is perhaps of a mainstream option. This option has also a great acceleration abilities and also serves well for various driving opportunities. The third option is a 2.0-liter EcoBoost version engine with 240-hp and an acceleration of 0 to 60 in eight seconds flat. The only option in terms of a gearbox is actually a six-speed automatic is the only transmission, which has a manual toggle option on the shift knob.

2015 Ford Escape engine

Price and Release Date

Although the exact release date still needs to be established for the 2015 Ford Escape car, we are well informed with the price tag that it is going to carry on with it. The base option is set to be priced at $23,295. The Escape titanium 4WD is going to come at a bit higher quote which comes down to $34,735, The highest trim option with all the additional features may come to $37,000, but that is in our opinion the highest it can get if it wants to be competitive with the cars within its own line.


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