The Ford Escort model is certainly one of the most popular vehicles made by the Ford brand. Its popularity stretches across a long time span when these vehicles were massively produced. But lately there have been neither upgrades nor new models available for this popular brand as the Escort model has started sinking into oblivion. But now we are in for a treat.

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The Chinese market is apparently a place where the new 2015 Ford Escort will get its rebirth and start over again. Introduced back in 2013 at the Shanghai show, the concept for the new Ford Escort vehicle took everybody by a storm and promised new interesting future ventures for the Ford Escort model. Built by the Australian branch of the Ford company the new 2015 Ford Escort is out now and ready to continue on where its ancestors have left off.

2015 Ford Escort side

2015 Ford Escort Exterior

The vehicle has been quite elegantly designed. It features a classy appearance that we are quite used to getting from the Ford Escort model of vehicles. It is very elegant from the front and all the way to the back with every line perfectly placed and ordered it its place.

The front grille was revised and given a new shape. It is placed quite high on the front side and gives the front side view of the vehicle a real classy feel to it. Adding to this classy trend of the vehicle is the design of the front lights which have been designed in blinged-out LED fashion. The front lights are not just beautiful in their look but also very useful for the vehicle.

2015 Ford Escort rear

The trendy tone of the vehicle is further given with the offered color schemes introduced for this vehicle. they truly enable the vehicle to maintain a serious image which is continued by the included 18-inch chrome wheels which this car now showcases.

2015 Ford Escort led light


The interior of the 2015 Ford Escort vehicle is actually an extension of the outside. The car is perfectly designed as a four door vehicle and continues the same classy theme introduced by the outside of the vehicle. The cabin is surrounded with an impeccable design which many are used to getting out of the Escort car. The design is pretty appealing to the eye and may be used for a variety of purposes.

2015 Ford Escort interior

Business people will no doubt like it as it exemplifies a toned down and a basic environment with some extra added features which emphasis the elegance of the inside. Also the car is very comfy as the interior has been matted with comfortable materials to make the passengers feel better while driving. There is also enough space to maneuver around the inside and the people at the back will get enough leg space while driving. The dashboard features an exquisite new design which offers very useful upgrades and is very handily ordered to enable you a better use of it.

2015 Ford Escort inside

2015 Ford Escort rear seats


Under the hood, the 2015 Ford Escort will get to keep its 2 Ecoboost engine. It is a I3 1.0 liter engine which can manage a power of 123 horsepower. As an alternative trim, a 1.5 liter engine is available as well, which adds a bit more power measured at 177 horsepower.

2015 Ford Escort grill


The car is going to be released first for the Asian market, but we are not sure when is it going to be released for other parts of the world. Currently the estimated price for the 2015 Ford Escort vehicle stands at some 20.000 dollars.

2015 Ford Escort front side


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