Making its way as this year’s title track of the automakers from Ford company is the 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351. This car has been a popular brand of the Ford company being sold in many countries in millions of pieces. The Falcon brand has been solely and entirely made and produced by the Australian developing team and has been the prime vehicles in this country for years. Many people from other countries feel jealous as the Australians get to drive this awesome vehicle while they don’t. The new 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 comes to you this year as the last ever Ford GTF to be maid and will feature an end of an era which this vehicle has provided for its customers.

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351

We are certainly sad to see the GTF brand go band are more than excited about this vehicle. The new 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 brings lots of upgrades and a stylish new look which will attract a lot of attention. Also the price comes at totally reasonable rates and will give this car more market value. But there is a downfall as well as Ford is releasing only 500 pieces of this vehicle so people will have to get while its hot. An interesting fact will be how much this vehicle will cost after a certain period of time passes and it becomes a rare collectible item for car enthusiasts.

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Price and Release Date

The information about the release date are still hazy and we do not have anything solid to inform you about. The general assumption is that the vehicle is going to be out in mid-2015 which is just a mere prediction and for the confirmed facts we will still have to wait a bit. But the pricing is officially here and what you will have to pay for this vehicle is a sum of $77,900.

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 Exterior

The new 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 is a performance car. Its specs and features certainly show that and will promise you a fast and furious ride. But it does not actually look the part. It is not as flashy as a car as it is fast. It offers great performance but the look will not give away its furious nature. The car looks seemingly modest and will not attract people who are looking for cars which will be protruding in the public’s eye. What the look of this car will bring is a modest and interesting complexion. The Falcon is actually a pretty handsome vehicle and holds some racy characteristics to its exterior design. The car includes a gaping front grille in the front end, while it also includes a vicious spoiler at the back which greatly enables the balance of the vehicle. The whole length of the car is followed by a stylish black stripe which gives the vehicle its prime race car characteristic. This is certainly a magnificent design by the Ford Australian team and gives a performance car which does not stand out in public that much.

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 rear


The interior is all about visual enhancement. There has not been many upgrades in the feature department in the new 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 as the developers have decided to keep, more or less, the standard look of the interior of the Falcon. Yet there have been some minor alterations which can be counted as rather interesting. The dashboard has been remodeled as it now includes an instrument backing plate with a special custom black trim-section. The horizontal black patterns which are stretched across the dash give it a sort of a carbon-fiber look, while the majority is in truth made out of plastic materials. The seats are strapped with comfortable leathers upholsteries which are very comfortable and include GTF embroideries which are also seen on the dash and inside door panels. The dash is fitted with an 8-inch touchscreen which shows digital dials and has a G-force indicator included as well. The dashboard is actually a minor remodeled version of the one used since 2008, so the alternations of the inside of the vehicle are perhaps the only drawback that this vehicle possesses.

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 inside


Since this is a performance car, the engine specs of the 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 are perhaps the most interesting and the most sought of part of the vehicle. It includes a 5.0-liter V-8 engine which is capable of processing a monstrous power of 470 horsepower at 420 pound-feet of torque. A sort of a specialty is included with this already pretty impressive engine stats. The Australian makers have made it so that the car can perform even better than the specs actually say. This actually means that the car can output 15% even more power if the driving conditions prove to be favorable and when every piece of the puzzle falls together perfectly. This will enable the 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 to perform even better and give you a greater power output.

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 engine


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