The Ford Focus has continued to impress audiences all of the word by being one of the most beloved cars in the industry. Earning large acclaims by the public in the US, this small car is very cost effective, affordable, attractive looking and very useful.

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These are the characteristics that always go with the Ford Focus brand and the new one which is released this year continues this trend with some significant and worthy upgrades.

The newest 2015 Ford Focus gets quite a good revamp. The car looks great and includes some changes as some very good, modern and luxurious interior design changes.

Not only that but perhaps the most favorite change is the new engine included within the Ford Focus. There are some new trims that come out with the 2015 models, which are Focus Electric, an all-electric Focus vehicle, and Focus ST, which is a high performance Focus vehicle.

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This 2015 Ford Focus review will help you to understand and get a better perspective about the changes which are happening with the new Focus vehicle.

We have also provided some additional pictures to go along with the review in order to make it much helpful to you and bring the visual with the informative together, resulting in you finding out everything necessary about the new 2015 Ford Focus car.

2015 Ford Focus rear side

2015 Ford Focus exterior

Although the 2015 Ford Focus exterior design did not go through many changes as expected, there were some subtle shifts that make the car quite unique and recognizable opposed to its rivals and previous models.

Much of the look was carried over from the previous car with some of the features taken from the Focus Electric which has proven to be a very good resource for rearranging the new Focus vehicle.

The most notable part is changing the front end of the car. The wide mouth grille, similar to the Fiesta and the Fusion cars, is the grandest change that the car has received.

2015 Ford Focus front light

Despite other parts of the car being almost unchanged, the front end really makes the car distinguishable and gives it a nice modern new look. Some minor changes include the new restyled rear lamps and an added trunk lid.

The general impression is that it was OK bringing back the previous design as it seem a lot swoopy and nice looking. But it is the combination with the restyled front end that really hits the spot for the new 2015 Ford Focus experience.

2015 Ford Focus front side


The interior look has been arranged a bit more than the exterior of the 2015 Ford Focus. But some are under the impression that it has been over styled a bit, if that is at all possible.

The inside features some very good styling and comfort upgrades. It is a vehicle blends style and comfort quite nicely and looks pretty good for its class. Actually it was necessary to model the inside of the car this way as the car is expected to compete against a stacked division of small cars which are coming out with new and more modern upgrades each time.

2015 Ford Focus interior

The vertical vents and the pleasant and comfortable looking surfaces are the main characteristic of the inside. It is perhaps a much more complex look than before but an original one at best.

The instrument panel is perhaps the main core of the car which has been locked and loaded with various additions, in some cases perhaps overdone. A bit distracting but actually a lot useful if you ask us.

2015 Ford Focus steering wheel

We also give a thumbs up for the interior space as we. The space-efficient inside of the vehicle is quite good for longer rides as he passengers will feel very well while driving. It is very roomy and versatile for a small car like a Focus is, but it is something which will give it an edge opposed to other cars in its class.

2015 Ford Focus seats


The base engine trim is carried over from the previous model, so the 2015 Ford Focus will use a 2.0-liter direct-injected four-cylinder engine with the ability to muster 160 horsepower as before.

Combined with either a five-speed manual gearbox or six-speed PowerShift dual-clutch automatic it gives quite a good and useful concept for the new Focus vehicle and makes a statement as it being a very reliable car.

2015 Ford Focus grill

Now the changes which were added to form some different trims is the inclusion of a 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine that is the largest innovation for the focus. You can expect this under the hood of the high performance Focus ST trim which can achieve 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds and a high speed of 155 mph.

2015 Ford Focus engine

Price and release date

The 2015 Ford Focus is deemed as one of the most reliable but also a very affordable car on the market. people love it for its versatility, good during ability but also for its price.

The base price of around 16.000 USD is more than appealing for the fans of the Focus line, and if you want to upgrade to a higher trim be ready to pay about 23.000 USD. But the only thing that this review lacks is a certified release data.

We will try to provide you with the information as soon as they are released but for now you should expect the new 2015 Ford Focus to be released in the middle or during the end of the year.


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