When it comes to utility vehicles, a pickup is what an average person needs. But what if you actually need one but do not have the space to put it or you actually do not really need a vehicle of that size. This has been a problem for many people so far which only had two options available till now, get a full-size vehicle or opt for the smaller ones which actually can’t do the job you need them to.

2015 GMC Canyon side

Enter the 2015 GMC Canyon which is a mid-size truck which can satisfy the needs of the aforementioned people. It can be used to do the jobs as a full-size pickup can an is alternatively smaller and compatible in size. This is a push of GMC to put back the mid-size truck back in style, since the last Canyon model was made in 2012 and was pulled from the production line.

2015 GMC Canyon rear

Now the 2015 GMC Canyon comes back strong. It is presented as entirely a reliable vehicle, driving and utility wise, and also a modern one since it will be fitted with many additional features enhancing the technological capabilities of the vehicle. What you may expect to get out of the new 2015 GMC Canyon is reliability mixed with modern features of a car.

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2015 GMC Canyon Exterior

The exterior design of the new Canyon vehicle has been made to be maneuverable and efficient. With its striking new styling and additional cargo box features, the new Canyon from GMC will make a powerful long lasting impression on you.

As the designers have said themselves, they were going for the shrunken-down Sierra look and also decided to keep some of the standard features which come with this type of a vehicle. For instance, the Canyon will keep its traditional squared-off profile but with the added posh feeling to it. This makes the vehicle interesting for various kinds of buyers who may find a use for this type of a car.

2015 GMC Canyon grill

Included are the new 16-inch aluminum wheels with the newly designed headlights with LED technology included. Also throw into the mix is the wonderfully designed chrome rear bumper. What is also a factor for the new GMC vehicle is that it actually has one of the largest cargo-box in mid-size vehicles, which looks pretty impressive by giving the car an awesome look but it is highly useful as well when it comes to utility jobs and needs.

2015 GMC Canyon rear side


The inside of the newest Canyon vehicle is quite wonderfully crafted. It is quant yet very comfortable, and follows the highest standards of comfortability in order to bring the passengers the best ride possible. GMC has decided to make the vehicle’s inside as luxurious as it could possibly be so as to make it accessible to a larger audience which may decide to choose this vehicle as their own.

2015 GMC Canyon inside

The prime craftsmanship with a high attention to detail and most comfortable and softest materials used are the linchpin of the inside design of the car. With the aluminum trim, contrasting stitching and the added stain resistant stain cloth is what the inside of the 2015 Canyon is all about. Also added are the dual-density seat foams in the seats which does not only make the driver feel relaxed while driving but enables all the people inside to feel good as well.

2015 GMC Canyon steering wheel

You may also notice the inlaid door design with triple door seals. Added also are the rear wheelhouse liners and a liquid applied sound deadener as well. this is all concluded with the inclusion of a large center console which has been designed to be accessible and reachable for the driver during the drive.

2015 GMC Canyon interior


The engine trim form the base model of the 2015 GMC Canyon uses a 2.5-liter four engine, while there is also the option of using a 3.6-liter V-6 engine as well. The former trim is good enough to produce a power of 200 hp, which is good enough for using this car as an economy vehicle. Combined with the GM’s quick-shifting automatic transmission system enables a steady and smooth ride with these engine specs.

As for the latter version, the truck can be expected to reach the numbers of 305 hp. It uses a six-speed automatic transmission system and is certainly not a toy. It can achieve great power and be useful in many ways. The down side, though, is that it does not allow for much fuel economy, making this engine trim a big spender.

2015 GMC Canyon engine


Currently the base model of the vehicle is priced at some 21.000 dollars. This does not seem as expensive as it was expected to be but it can all in all prove of being a quite reasonable priced vehicle for its standards.


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