The long awaited 2015 Honda Accord has finally received its release date. The new Accord comes to us in the first part of the year and becomes available to the general public to buy. The reviews of the new 2015 Honda Accord also bring us something to be excited about. Compared somewhat to the previous year’s redesign model, the new 2015 year model promises us a car which is coming to be in the top of the running for the car for the year.

2015 Honda Accord siode

Being a great midsize family sedan vehicle, the Honda Accord has for a long time been the favorite for families in the US market. a sound and yet promising vehicles with great handling and safety features, the Accord has received a great redesign last year, which has brought even more fans to the Accord side. Yet, Honda has decided to go one step further and bring a new one for the 2015. It is virtually the same car actually but with enhanced features.

Look at the given pictures provided for the new 2015 Honda Accord and you will see that the greatest difference with the previous year’s model is that this one is much leaner. The vehicle also borrows its sophistication from the previous model and remains to be a car which does it all. This car actually adds a lot more value than the previous model did and it is something that we are truly baffled about but actually happy to see from Honda.

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2015 Honda Accord Exterior

The previous year’s redesign of the Honda Accord has been one of the best moves that Honda has ever pulled. They exterior was both stunning and useful which marked the launch of Honda’s ninth generation vehicles. It was immediately very hard to think up what would they have to do to top this design and what was in stored for the future models.

2015 Honda Accord front

As you can see from the provided pictures of the new 2015 Honda Accord, the design has been largely borrowed from the previous car. There is a large dose of sophistication but there has been some aggressiveness added, but just a bit, in order not to make the car too weak perhaps. The prime thing that the makers wanted to do with this type of vehicle is to maximize the greenhouse, and have done so by enhancing the window space for the car.

The car is not so slab sided, in fact it has a bit of a wedge kind look, which is the part, which besides enhancing the greenhouse properties of the car and allowing better air flow around the creasing design of the car also enhances the aggressiveness of the vehicle as well. The automobile has a more dynamic look which is bolstered with the added sheet metal adding around the sides of the vehicle.

2015 Honda Accord rear


The Honda Accord has been designed, as the manufacturers have confirmed themselves, from the inside out, making the Interior of the 2015 Honda Accord subversive to the exterior. What they wanted to achieve was a so-called “man maximum, machine minimum” approach to the design of the interior. The prime characteristics of the vehicle are to make it modern and luxurious and the added features certainly achieve that premise.

2015 Honda Accord inside

Firstly, the instrument panel has been pushed forward as far as possible, and also scooped at the corners, maximizing the space and allowing for all of the important controls and buttons to be placed high and in easy reach. This is one of the features which bolster the smart interior look of the cabin. This means that all of the features and instrument placement has been made to maximize your driving feel and also to enable you to get the best out of your car as well.

The materials and the comfort levels of the inside actually go up as the trim goes higher. Although, the base trim also has some very good levels of comfortability and gives all of the passengers a great feel during the ride, it is the Touring trim which besides adding great and comfortable materials also adds a touch screen system which enables the use of the fabulous audio system installed.

2015 Honda Accord interior

Engine of 2015 Honda Accord

All of the trims for the new 2015 Honda Accord vehicle receive much stronger and fuel efficient engines. The base model, for instance uses a four cylinder engine with direct fuel injection. The base model is good enough for making 185 hp and also uses a six-speed automatic transmission system, with a choice of both the continuously variable automatic transmission as well.

Other trims, for instance the Accord sport model, have somewhat higher power as this one can make up to 189 hp. There is also an option of using a V-6 engine which offers a burst of 278 hp combined with an option between a six-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual gearbox.

No matter which type of engine or which trim is used the numbers for the fuel economy of the car remain the same as the 2015 Honda Accord can reach 27 mpg in a city drive or 36 mpg in highway.

2015 Honda Accord engine


The price for the 2015 Honda Accord comes up to around 35.000 dollars US. This is of course the figure for the base model while higher levels will include that you pay a little bit more. For instance, the Hybrid Plug-in trim is available for 41.000 dollars US, which is actually not a bad deal for a fuel efficient and green car.

2015 Honda Accord front side


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