Check out the review about the latest 2015 Jeep Cherokee vehicle which will be hitting the stands really soon. The vehicle is the latest addition to the Cherokee line and is one of the embodiments of the original Cherokee which was released for the first time in 1986. This legendary vehicle set the bar for sport like utility vehicles that none other car was able to top for a long time. The newest addition has much work to do in order to gain the status as its predecessor did.

But the contemporary vehicle do not use the same features as in the past, so now we are experiencing vehicles which are crossover utility vehicles with comfort and fuel efficiency being its primary objective. The never jeeps are regarded as cars, but that are taller and have all-wheel drive. The new model is going to be more like a contemporary version and sheds the standards which the old model had set.

The newest 2015 Jeep Cherokee is based on truck-like rear-wheel-drive mechanicals and has a less blunt styling than the predecessors. Seeing form the pictures that we have provided the look and design of the vehicle has changed for the better and the Cherokee brand is more than certainly entering into a more modern era.

2015 Jeep Cherokee front side

2015 Jeep Cherokee Exterior

The contemporary new design of the 2015 Jeep Cherokee includes various changes which may be found appealing to the majority of the users. The new exterior design is a way to update the vehicle and bring it closer to its contention and the vehicle’s rivals. Although the vehicle now tries to blend the contemporary with the traditional, it has a hard time doing that as the modern features are the ones which are protruding more out of the design.

The front end of the vehicle splits the headlamps and underplays the grille. This is perhaps one of the standard features that all jeeps have and what makes them distinguishable. The rest of the body relies on the characterization of a crossover vehicle, particularly within the glass area and the fender structuring as well. The cabin is perhaps the best part of the exterior design. It has been palliative shaped and is quite nicely produces with some very elegant finishing touches.

2015 Jeep Cherokee rear


The inside is quite roomy actually and poses a great comfort level for the new 2015 Jeep Cherokee model. We can call this one a mid-size vehicle as there is not third row of seats added to the interior look. All in all, the car is a five seater and although it has enough room, it is a bit difficult for the people at the back as they might need some extra head space. This is particularly difficult to do as for when you decide to slide the back seats in order to make additional room for the cargo space you will have to sacrifice the comfort of the passengers at the back, depriving them of some leg space as well.

The fabrics are great and the interior design was also bolstered. Besides adding to the comfort by changing the materials that are used, the new 2015 Jeep Cherokee also makes a step forward in the technological department. All new safety features and entertainment properties are neatly lain out in front of you on the newly designed easy to reach dashboard.

2015 Jeep Cherokee interior


Concerning engine trims, there are a few that you can choose from for the next 2015 Jeep Cherokee. One of the choices includes a four-cylinder 2.4 liter V-6 engine. This is a very good choice actually as it stands out in its class of engines and is able to produce 184-horsepower, and if there is not too much weight within the car it also has some very good acceleration characteristics as well. The other option is the new 3.2-liter V-6 engine, which is much stronger and able to produce 271 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque. It is very useful and can help you with any utility purpose you need it to do. If you add a Trailer Tow Package to the already strong constitution of the engine you get a total of 4,500 pounds of pull. All trims come combined with the new ZF nine-speed automatic which combines well to make great fuel efficient numbers.

2015 Jeep Cherokee engine

Price and Release Date

According to our review we are still not available to announce the release date for the new 2015 Jeep Cherokee but as we have been informed it is in the works. This means that the official release of the car is still not determined although it is close, so perhaps waiting till the end of the year is a good idea. Whereas the numbers for the price are concerned, we estimate a starting 22.600 USD for the basic trim of the vehicle. The highest possible trim with all the added features will come up to 24.900 USD.

2015 Jeep Cherokee cargo space


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