The 2015 Lexus IS promises improvements compared with the last year’s model. The overall impression is actually good, not great, but extremely good. All in all you will get the same car as last year but with just enough upgrades to keep it better and advanced opposed to its junior counterpart. The Lexus IS is now more reliable and offer the same feel when driving but with more precision, comfort ability and movability, which is just enough to make a difference. The stiffer chassis and a bit work on retuning the suspension has done the trick and has managed to turn this car around and for the year 2015 you can be assured that the car will be a superior substitute that the older ones. You will also notice slight improvements on the exterior design as well as the inclusion of some very useful and modern features for the inside of the car.

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2015 Lexus IS Exterior

Not much has been done to bolster to look of the outside part of the car as the design from the last year has mostly been kept. As for the ultimate changes of the 2015 Lexus IS we can notice the inclusion of LED foglights as the prime upgrade. Also for the front part of the car the new spindle grill was added to upgrade the car’s aggressive feel. This is actually a big change for the standard IS cars as the front part did not seem that much protruding as the 2015 model will be. This is to add a bit more attitude to the car and it certainly makes is so as this sort of a tiny addition does a lot on the car’s overall look.

2015 Lexus IS wheel

2015 Lexus IS side


The saying “what’s on the inside is what counts” can be used for the 2015 Lexus IS in full. On first view you get the interior which keeps almost the same look but with some slight improvements and with a great upgrade in the features department. The look is almost identical and has a gray tone to it with the optional piano black also available. But what really counts is the enormous upgrade when it comes to the new features. All models will include the Siri Eyes Free voice command, while the already standard back camera will include dynamic grid lines. As for the sports models the back seat offers a bit more space and looks and feels a bit comfier while the F sport package includes ventilated and heated front seats with the all new heated steering wheel.

2015 Lexus IS interior


The inside of the car has suffered the greatest changes for the 2015 Lexus IS but under the hood the engine remains the same. The decision not to change to engine was made as the motor has proved to be reliable and useful enough for this year’s model as well. The thing you will be getting, for the IS 250 version, is the 2.5 liter V-6 engine producing 250 horsepower and 185 Nm of torque, while the IS 250 version comes with a 3.5 liter V6 engine with 306 horsepower and 277 Nm of torque. Also rear-wheel drive and six-speed automatic transmission come standard, while all-wheel drive is available for other models and a eight-speed automatic transmission system is available for the IS 350 models. Additionally, the gas mileage is also pretty acceptable, although not great, but more than enough to make this car pretty reasonable in that department.

2015 Lexus IS chloaster


As for the pricing of the 2015 Lexus IS you will still have to pay a bit more opposed to the previous model. Although the car has mostly been kept unchanged the thing is that the changes were made all in the right places, giving you a better car for your money, and it will only cost you some 450 dollars more. You can get the 2015 Lexus IS for approximately 30.000 to 36.000 dollars.

2015 Lexus IS rear

2015 Lexus IS front side


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