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Lincoln is going international. For the first time in a long time, Lincoln is making its concept to expand on other international markets. For the time being it is only going to be on Asia and North America, but further expansions are yet to come. Lincoln has decided to come up with the new 2015 Lincoln MKX Concept vehicle which will surpass the current MKX which has started to seem outdated. The next generation of the mid-size crossover vehicle will certainly be a contender on the market. The estimations are that this is one of the most beautiful design of the Lincoln vehicle till now. It has already gained a lot of sympathies and has been given a lot of praise. The release date is expected to be soon after its official unveiling which is scheduled for the upcoming 2014 Beijing festival.

2015 Lincoln MKX rear

2015 Lincoln MKX Concept Exterior

The new design of the 2015 Lincoln MKX Concept is much slimmer and muscularly looking. If we compared it to the current chubby MKX, the new design seems far more stylish and elegant. The fender arches are long and elegant and the roofline is tapered and fits in well with the whole concept of the vehicle. In the front, the new Lincoln features a signature long grille characteristic for Lincoln vehicle. The slats around the grille are designed to be nice a slim and flow which neatly flow into the LED headlights.

2015 Lincoln MKX front side

The design of the headlights has also been reshaped in order to fit the new slimmer design. At the back the same concept has been applied as for the front. We experience the same LED taillights with the same slats flowing into them. Also, just above the back window a semi, or rather, pseudo-spoiler is fitted which greatly fits into the back design of the car. There are no protruding pieces or parts which stand out as everything has been made to fit in into perfection. The car will be shown featuring the 21-inch wheels, but that will be just for the concept vehicle. the production model is sure to feature a bit downscaling, but all in all the car is capable of using 22 to 18 inch wheels if needed.

2015 Lincoln MKX grill


The interior has not been officially showcased yet. There are many assumptions and guesses as for what the inside of the vehicle will introduce, but no solid confirmation. If Lincoln carries on its standard then we are in for a one comfy vehicle which will be great to suite the exterior of the car. There are been some past announcements that Lincoln in going to favor the use of buttons and switches opposed touchscreen technology, if this is true expect the 2015 Lincoln MKX Concept to feature the same. Also as for the system used by the vehicle it is going to be changed to a QNX-based infotainment system, as Lincoln has decided to cut ties with Microsoft.

2015 Lincoln MKX interior


This being a concept, there are several subjections as for the engine is concerned. The people from Lincoln are keeping it a mystery till the release and till then we can only speculate on the trim of the vehicle. One of the possible choices that has been thrown around is a Edge-based 2.3 liter V6 engine, which can achieve a power of 285 horsepower. Other possible choices that are among the favorites are the 3.7-liter V6 engine, found in the Ford mustang vehicles, and new 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 bound for the F-150.

2015 Lincoln MKX engine


The release date is scheduled some period after the official unveiling at the Beijing show this year and it will first hit the Chinese markets, with its short release after on other markets. The price is still not set and we can only speculate how much it is actually going to come down to. We shall have to hold on a bit more for the actually accurate info or wait until the show and its release.

2015 Lincoln MKX rear side


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