Each year in Paris, one of the most anticipated events of the automotive industry is its Paris Motor Show. Bringing you exciting new looks, concept cars or redesigned vehicles the motor show promises something for everyone and loads of excitement for all. As each one of you has its favorites and as there are much cars to choose from we have selected to talk about the new 2015 Mercedes AMG GT which is being unveiled at this year’s show. The hype around this car has been huge and with righteous cause. The car brings much excitement to the automotive industry as the new model is going to be far more superior that the previous one. The twitted version has made adjustments in all aspects and in all areas which proposed problems last year and as it will be seen from the show the 2015 Mercedes AMG GT is now a better car in every sense of the word.

2015 Mercedes AMG GT side

2015 Mercedes AMG GT Exterior

What has been a major upgrade for the 2015 Mercedes AMG GT as seen on the Paris Show is the visual change of the car. The changes made opposed to the previous model are the inclusion of a new front splitter and also the new carbon fiber side skirts. This enables the car’s movement to be much more regular and steady and also brings a much meaner and aggressive look to it. we can also see the huge rear wing which gives the 2015 Mercedes AMG a racing tone to it and also benefiting the stability of the car as well. With the addition of the new 10-spoke alloy wheels as well, the AMG GT is a complete vehicle which is able to take on every obstacle or curve in front of it.

2015 Mercedes AMG GT front grill


The most impressive effect was left by the interior design of the 2015 Mercedes AMG GT. The inside of the car was designed to resemble a fighting jet and it will certainly make you feel like you are in one. The design is a step forward for the GT line and also one of the more impressive features that the car has. So the vehicle’s cockpit, as we are free to call it now, has a central console modeled after a cylinder configuration which enables you to have every button or car’s feature close to you and at your disposal.

2015 Mercedes AMG GT interior

The accessibility is an utmost important part as it will enable you to be more concentrated on driving and not fiddling around or looking for buttons. From your seat you will be able to use and adjust the many features the car is now installed with, like the variable driving modes which are added to affect and change driving and handling, the throttle response and of course the shift changing as well.

2015 Mercedes AMG GT inside


The engine is of course something that matters and what makes the most of the new 2015 Mercedes AMG GT. The car will include a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, being able to reach a power of a total of 462 horsepower. This specs and engine capability enables the car to master its top speed of 310 km/h. At this rate the car was measured of reaching a 0 to 100 km/h in as much as 3.8 seconds. Pretty astounding, one should say. Also the AMG GT will use a seven-speed dual clutch unit and all of this will be made possible with its introduction of the ground breaking dry sump lubrication which is integrally mounted into the turbocharges.

2015 Mercedes AMG GT engine


As for the price is concerned there will be not much changes, so an estimated price between $60,000-$70,000 is currently set and we are not expecting any major changes in that department for now, but stick and stay with the future estimations for now if any happen to occur.

2015 Mercedes AMG GT rear


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