Brace yourself as the 2015 Mercedes B-Class gets a facelift. The redesign has been premiered in Paris and the new Mercedes comes with a bit more tech added to its arsenal and with a refined and tweaked engine. At a glance you will not notice the changes made to the exterior, but they are certainly there. You will experience a better car upgraded in all areas which perhaps the older version has lacked. The redesign has certainly had its effect and results in making a better car for the public. Mercedes also agrees that the B-class redesign offers more than its predecessor and with the added features also gives you a more modern and new age vehicle.

2015 Mercedes B-Class sides

2015 Mercedes B-Class Redesign Exterior

The stylistic changes to the exterior part of the car have done wonders to eh 2015 Mercedes B-Class redesign The car now features an updated front end which gives you LED headlights, a twin-slat radiator grill and a redrawn bumper. You can also experience the changed tail lights which have also experienced some change and with the inclusion of new colors introduced as available and multiple choices when it comes to rim design you will be able to get a full picture of what the new 2015 Mercedes B-Class redesign now looks like. All in all, a much appealing look to the eye with a modern touch to it combining elegance and speed all shaped into one.

2015 Mercedes B-Class side


A tour of the inside of the redesigned 2015 Mercedes B-Class is somewhat like a tour around a spaceship. Well maybe not that far-fetched but the redesigned version certainly holds more modern features and a set of new age perks that the car really needs. Firstly you will notice the 12 ambient light color schemes which are available now to make your driving atmosphere adjustable. The dashboard includes an 8-inch central display which enables better graphic options and makes improvements more visually. There is an option of also including Keyless Go allowing easier ignition access and also online free traffic updates which can be sent to you on demand. The Mercedes connect me system which also comes with the car is perhaps the greatest tool that you may need as it provides you with various insights about the car itself and service maintenance as well as incident management.

2015 Mercedes B-Class interior


Mechanically or under the hood, the 2015 Mercedes B-Class Redesign offers two versions, a petrol and a diesel option. For the former option the specs stand at a 1-6 liter engine with four cylinders and with a variety of engine power as there is a 122 horsepower option as well as a 156 horsepower option as well. The latter option gives buyers who are interested in a diesel engine options of choosing either a Renault-sourced 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine capable of reaching 109 horsepower, or 2-1 liter option which can either go 136 or 177 horsepower.

2015 Mercedes B-Class


The new and fully redesigned version of the 2015 Mercedes B-Class comes out with not a firmly set release date, but what we are fairly certain is the pricing for this brilliantly redesigned car. A price of $35,000is certainly not a reliable one but is certainly worth it if you are thinking of opting for the redesigned version. It will certainly give competitors a run for their money as well.