2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe side

Power is what many customers crave for and power is what the new 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe will give them. The German automakers have a new vehicle in the line of their AMG cars and this one will certainly give you all the horsepower it needs. People are already used to receiving powerful cars from the Mercedes line, but this one even tops them as they have endowed this very luxurious vehicle with a no less than 12-cylinder engine. Certainly the most appealing fact about this new vehicle and a fact which will bring many fans to this brand and this vehicle. You will not hesitate to take it out for a spin on the track, but be wary and be advised when doing so as this car can certainly pack a punch. The all new vehicle now has a set release date and price.

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Engine of Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe

This is perhaps the most fun thing about this car and certainly the most talked about component or part of the new 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe. The 6.0 liter and 12-cylinder V-12 twin turbo engines are just the starting point of this monstrous contraption. The power of the vehicle is set at 621 horsepower, burning at 738 pound-feet of torque. This will enable you to accelerate from a total standstill to 60mph in just 4.0 seconds and the potential to reach the maximum speed of 186 mph. Included is only the back wheel drive while there has been no mention of the all-wheel drive yet, but we are certain that the car will use a seven-speed automatic transmission.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe engine


A walloping display of comfort and technological upgrades fitted for a small space-ship are bound to raise the price a bit. Given that the car is quite a beaute on the road as well and with powerful engine specs, the price of this vehicle will come down at some $220,000.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe engine system

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe Exterior

Let’s leave the engine specs alone for a moment and talk about the design of the vehicle. The automobile has been fitted to endure the high speeds and the power the 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe can provide. An exemplary aerodynamic look which is both exclusive and luxurious will give you an impression that this is one of the most luxurious cars you have ever seen, whereas this is one of the most monstrous cars, in terms of power that you have ever driven.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe front grill

It is like being coated with a much gentler external appearance while having a monster inside of it, a sort of a wolf in sheep’s clothing as some would say. The vehicle also includes a perk which will enable to you to cross curves at higher speeds with more precision and entirely safe. With the curve-tilting function the S65 allows a camera to view the road in front of you while the tilting system prepares the car to tilt property along the curves enabling the driver to surpass them with much more ease. Imagine a motorcycle driver tilting in sharp corners, it is a but a glimpse of how actually this system works.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe rear side


2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe interior

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe inside

The inside of the 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe features a high level of luxury and displays an array of features which will make your head spin. Firstly the car looks great inside giving you the feel and the atmosphere of a very exclusive vehicle. You will enjoy driving and sitting in it as there is enough room for the passengers and on the back seat as well. The seats are great and the leather upholsteries are very comfy. Also the car packs a quite powerful punch in the technology department.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe rear seats

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe seats

The features and the technological upgrades which are given to this vehicle are immense and enable useful tips during your drive. There is a head-up display and a touchpad command system installed. The car also features a 360-degree parking camera and tons of other safety features. Blind-spot monitoring, cruise control and cross-traffic alert are just some of the features which will keep you safe on the road while 12-inch TFT display a Burmester surround-sound audio system will keep you entertained design your ride.

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