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The new 2015 Mini Cooper 5 is out. The car is described as very luxurious, very compatible and one which promises great performance. The Mini brand has always provided its fans with great vehicles which are known for their great specs and performance all over the world. The new Mini Cooper 5 will carry on the legacy and will even enhance that picture and bring even more from the Cooper brand than before. Do not expect monumental changes, the Mini Cooper will still be the same old elegant car which it always was but with a bit of modern and with a touch of elegance to add to its already packed arsenal. The all British brand which the Mini Cooper is comes to you for the first time in a 5 door variant. This is a great step forward and one of the groundbreaking features of the third generation brand cars which the Mini Cooper brand offers its customers. We perceive that this will be a fund vehicle for anyone who would like to try it out and one which will certainly be interesting to see on the road.

2015 Mini Cooper 5 rear


The engine performance has been adapted to make a vehicle which is low on fuel consumption and brings low CO2 emissions. The specs say that the estimated emissions present 5.9 – 3.6 l/100 km. CO2 emissions range from 136 – 95 g/km. There are three trims for the engine types available for the 2015 Mini Cooper 5 vehicle. First is the 3-cylinder petrol engine producing an output of 100 kW/136 hp. The 5-cylinder engine is able to produce a power of 141 kW/192 hp. And for the first time the Mini brand will include a new 2.0-litre 4-cylinder which produces a power of 125 kW/170 hp.

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The release date of the 2015 Mini Cooper 5 is still a mystery and there are still no official stats which will provide us with solid information. But keep your eye on the news provided for this vehicle and certain new data about the exact date will come up soon. As for the price, we have obtained the info that the new Mini Cooper 5 will cost 15,900 pounds or 26,800 dollars, depending from where you look to purchase it.

2015 Mini Cooper 5 inside doors

2015 Mini Cooper 5 Exterior

The new 5-door Mini brings the same design of the traditional Cooper vehicles with larger proportions. The design is virtually the same but includes a larger shape for the extra doors to fit. The new 2015 Mini Cooper 5 is now a 3.6 inches wider than the traditional Mini Cooper hatchback. Although the design we have learned to love and cherish is still there the car has been magnificently remodeled to adapt to its bigger features.

2015 Mini Cooper 5 front side

The car now looks a bit bulkier than it usually did and perhaps the greatest drawback of the design is that one needed to make some space for the addition of the extra doors which has made the back door a bit tight. This means that you will be having some trouble in entering the back seat and feel a bit cramped while doing so, but this is no case means that the design of the vehicle is its greatest flaws. The people who are die-hard fans of the Mini Cooper brand will certainly enjoy the comeback of the new 2015 version with the enhanced features given to it.

2015 Mini Cooper 5 rear side


2015 Mini Cooper 5 interior

A modern interior design lined with comfortable materials is the characteristic of the new 2015 Mini Cooper 5 vehicle. The car has been magnificently fashioned to enhance the comfort of the otherwise already comfortable vehicle and infuse it with a dose of a modern look which stimulates the tone of the inside. The main elements of the inside are elliptical contours of the central features and horizontally slanted cockpit. Air-vents and dashboard instruments are perfectly placed and easy to reach and bring an all new and exquisite design to the Cooper brand. The technical features account for a more stable drive and include safety features which are brought to the car and will enhance its performance. Driving assistance is added with comfort and information functions as well.

2015 Mini Cooper 5 steering wheel

2015 Mini Cooper 5 rear seats

2015 Mini Cooper 5 cargo space


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