2015 Seat Leon X-Perience REAR SIDE

Seat comes to us now with a stunning new off-road vehicle which is actually a smaller version of an estate car. The newest member of the Seat fleet is the new 2015 Seat Leon X-Perience Concept which promises overall performance opposed to its predecessor the Leon ST. the X-Perience model comes at different trim levels and offers a brand new design. The new seat offers all-wheel drive, a better design and a much better vehicle than before. It will be available as a three-door and also a four-door vehicle which immediately shows us the versatility that the new 2015 Seat Leon X-Perience Concept brings us.

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2015 Seat Leon X-Perience Concept Exterior

The design of the new 2015 Seat Leon X-Perience Concept is actually fitted on the design of the Leon ST, but with much enhancements. The vehicle has been given a much more serious look and has many features which make it a more stronger vehicle. The EXPerience is fitted with characteristics which enable it to travel to different terrains and do it safely. Additionally the enhanced protection for off-road drive is given to the design and will enable an ultimately safer and more enjoyable ride on various different terrains.

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience side

The features which give the vehicle the new aggressive design are the revised front and back bumpers. Additionally the wheel arches were changed as well and the alloy wheels were added. The car now includes a bigger roof rack, roof rails and better for lights, enabling you with a better and safer ride during the night or in unclear weather.

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience front grill


The inside of the car remains mostly unchanged opposed to the last Seat vehicle. But the revisited enhancements are enough to make this vehicle much better. Firstly, the trunk is much larger and offers a space of 587 liters of cargo haul. The position of the seats has also been changed and they are set a bit higher than before, allowing a better view while driving. Comfort and visual experience is also enhanced. The new Alcantara leather upholsteries make for a much better ride than before which will be much more comfortable, especially on the rougher terrains. The available orange trim is pretty interesting but the alternative all black is also available for the introvert types as well. Entertainment and visual features are also added and are quite nicely fitted on the dashboard making everything reachable and quite useful as well.

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Engine of Seat Leon X-Perience

Under the hood of the 2015 Seat Leon X-Pereince Concept there have not been that many changes as expected, but nevertheless the engines used fill in perfectly with the needs of the vehicles. Something which people may find interesting is actually the inclusion of the fifth-generation Haldex system which has enabled the all-wheel drive to be tuned up a bit. There are four engine choices available to go with the X-Pereince, three diesel and one petrol. The diesel engines include a 181 bhp 2.0-liter TDI engine, or a 148 bpp 2.0-liter diesel engine which has been slightly detuned and a 1.6 TDI 109 bhp engine. As for the petrol engine is concerned, the one offered is the latest 1.8 TSI 178 bhp engine. All trims come available with a DSG gearbox system.

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience cargo space

Release Date and Price

The release date is not still set but we know that the 2015 Seat Leon X-Perience Concept is going to hit first the Chinese market. After that we are expecting it to emerge on the European market where it might get the most publicity. The price of the 2015 Seat Leon X-Perience Concept is still not known to us and we shall have to wait a bit more for the exact figures, but it is estimated that it will cost $ 2,035 more than the Seat Leon ST.


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