2015 Subaru Legacy grill

With the announcement of the 2015 Subaru Legacy’s release date, we have gotten some pretty loud interest from the fans who are interested in this model. The Legacy is Subaru’s flagship vehicle and one of their more popular ones.

2015 Subaru Legacy side

The redesign for the 2015 model brings much more enhancements and some alterations which are based on their rivals actually, making the car much better in its class.

Subaru has made an effort to upsize and make their cars more commercial with their latest products, and it all comes to show in the new 2015 Subaru Legacy.

A car which is now better looking and agreeably more handsome than the Camry and Malibu vehicles, but with more space and comfort than the Altima and the Accord cars, it really puts everything together in a nice little package on what Subaru has been working on as of late.

If you do not believe the words you are reading, maybe you should look at some of the pictures of the new 2015 Subaru Legacy which are provided. You can see what Subaru’s plan is in which direction they are trying to take their 2015 Legacy now. Read on the interview and also find out the details of the release date.

2015 Subaru Legacy rear side

2015 Subaru Legacy exterior

The exterior design of the new 2015 Subaru Legacy is very appropriate. It has some very nice scaling and pretty good features that make the car fit in perfectly into its environment.

You can say that it is neither too large nor is it too big, but rather it being just the right amount and size it needs to be. The look is very much handsome and goes in perfectly with all that the 2015 Subaru Legacy has to present.

2015 Subaru Legacy grill

Notice the six-sided grille which has been chosen for this model particularly and which largely enhances the exterior experience that this car gets. The overall changes also scream that this is a solid modern family car, and it truly is. We thing that Subaru has hit the nail directly on the head with this one and also managed to pull of one of the better designs of the year.


The inside of the car has been changed a bit so we get a pretty interesting 2015 Subaru Legacy interior design. The sheetmetal of the inside is the most noticeable thing. It has certainly been changed for the better opposed to some of the older models. The issues have been addressed and now this part has made the entire inside of the Legacy to be very good and much appealing than before.

2015 Subaru Legacy interior

The overall inside look is much more handsome than before and it really looks stunning, particularly as it is framed with the exterior in great fashion. The inside can be also said to be much readable and useable than before. The highlights are on the metallic and wood grain trims that have been added for this occasion and which look better and are more elegant depending on the level of the trim that is given.

2015 Subaru Legacy


Suggestions were made upon the release date that the Subaru Legacy is going to adopt a six-cylinder engine six-cylinder engine, because of the Subaru’s great turbo fours, but actually the reality came out to be much more different.

The Legacy includes a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 175-horsepower. This is actually the base engine for the 2.5i sedans, whereas the Legacy 3.6R sedans come equipped with a much larger and stronger 256-hp 3.6-liter flat-six engine. It is actually not as strong as we expected it to be or as we liked it could be but it actually has some more other useful features in terms of steering and smoothness of riding.

2015 Subaru Legacy engine

Price and release date

The release date for the 2015 Subaru Legacy has not been officially confirmed but the rumors state that we are actually nor far from it. It is actually going to happen in the middle of the year with high expectations from the majority of the fans.

The base price is set at very affordable $22,420. It is a goon pricing as we may think as you get a pretty nifty car. If you want to go for the 3.6R Legacy version, then the price tag rises to some $30,390. See decided what you prefer and see if the extra cost is worth.


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