This electric five-door full-sized luxury car is a perfect choice for those who want a silent, stylish and powerful car, all in one. The newest 2015 Tesla S model has received the best mark in crash and safety tests carried out by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It confidently exceeded the top mark of 5, well on the way of receiving a mark 6, which makes it the safest car ever manufactured on top of all other qualities it possesses.

2015 Tesla S side

2015 Tesla S – Exterior

Designed by Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla model S is easily recognized by its dynamic, aggressive grille, elongated headlights and discreet fog lights. Sleek, sculpted design increases the downforce, thus making it highly stable in all driving styles and conditions, and also makes the airline and wind resistance minimal and higher speeds easily achievable. All Glass Panoramic Roof provides a convertible-like driving experience with the ability to open it wider than any other sedan’s panoramic roof, and while closed it helps keep the cabin comfortable by blocking 81% of heat and 100% of UV rays. Rear side is accentuated with chrome details and powerfully looking rear lights.

2015 Tesla S inside


This is one of the parts where the newest 2015 Tesla S really shines. Quiet powertrain in combination with detailed noise engineering gives this model the sound dynamics of a recording studio. There are no surplus buttons and knobs, just a 17-inch touchscreen which allows you to control every detail and setting of the car along with rich content and mobile connectivity. Front seats are heated and their positions can be adjusted in 12 ways. There is also the rear facing seat option which provides you with additional seating for two children, perfectly safe with 5-point seat belts, and in case you need more storage space, these seats can be seamlessly folded to give more space. Tesla S offers 58 cubic feet of storage in cabin plus 5.3 cubic feet available under the hood, in total 63.4 cubic feet which is unprecedented in this class of cars.

2015 Tesla S interior


This car model is a rear wheel drive electric vehicle, and its liquid-cooled powertrain consists of the battery, motor, drive inverter and gear box. Battery is lithium-ion 60 kWh microprocessor controlled and the drive inverter enables the variable frequency drive and regenerative breaking system. The gear is a single speed fixed gear with 9.73:1 reduction ratio. It also has Anti-Lock disc brakes (ABS), Traction control and Electronic Stability Control. It can be charged at any regular power socket using the standard (for this car) or optional dual chargers (which decrease the charging time). According to various road tests, the driving range of 2015 Tesla S model is 208 miles for 60 kWh model and 265 miles for the 85 kWh models in one charging. The 0-60 time is 5.9 seconds for 60 kWh edition, 5.4 seconds for 85 kWh edition and stunning 4.2 seconds for the 85 kWh Performance option.

Release Date and Price

We don’t have the exact release date of 2015 Tesla S model, while the starting price is set to start from $69,900.



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