This is a review that will help you find out more about the new vehicle from Toyota, the 2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo. All race car enthusiasts will be thrilled by this car as Toyota has been expanding its lineup recently. The only thing that marks a letdown for this vehicle is that it is an exclusive model, exclusively for the UK that is. There are not talks or any indications that this car is going to be produced soon for the US market or any other in fact, but we can hope can we?

2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo side

Toyota has been expanding its lineup, with the inclusion of the updated trims for their various models, and even a rally car, the year of 2015 is going to be perhaps somewhat of a cornerstone year for Toyota. With the latest inclusion being the 14R60, a more aerodynamic version of the GT 86, Toyota also agreed that an affordable coupe was also in line to be made, thus the 2015 Toyota GT 86 Prime was produced.

Despite lacking an updated engine version for all of its fleet, Toyota is doing a great job. The new GT 86 is going to be certainly one of the more popular cars of their fleet. As you can see from the pics it is going to attract attention through its looks, and the attention of race car enthusiasts with its specs as well.

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2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo Exterior

The exterior of the 2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo has not been altered much from the preceding GT 86 vehicle. it holds the prime features of the its predecessor and has all the characteristics of the previous car, but with some enhancements and additional goodies that make this car great. The style is very attractive and interesting, as seen from the provided pics, and it is a typical race car model which will turn heads and attract attention from the audience.

With the somewhat altered design come some very interesting amenities that area added to the Primo. They include new 17-inch alloy wheels, which give the car an upgraded sporty look, and a tire pressure monitoring system, which will be more than helpful while driving and cutting narrow corners in larger speeds.

Unfortunately, there have been some mishaps as well as the car misses some of the key components which have been expected to make it in as the standard equipment of the 86 Primo. So do not expect to have HID headlamps nor LED daytime running lights as a standard package for the car as they have been left out. This is one of the downfalls of this car and it may need to be addressed as the fans will certainly not be happy with the exclusion of these features.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo rear


On the other hand, the inside of the 2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo has many goodies and technological upgrades as it was expected to have. The new and improve inside will enable you to feel relaxed and drive safely and freely through various conditions and at larger speeds. the comfort is exuberating and will make any driver happy to drive this car, with the cherry on top being the new aluminum pedals which add to the aesthetics of the inside of the vehicle.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo interior

Onward to the mentioned technological upgrades. Added are the air conditioning, a much pleasant and needed inclusion for drivers and passengers as well, then the Toyota’s touchscreen infotainment system which enables total control of the car and gives you all the information which are essential for you while driving. It also controls all the entertainment features and gives you full awareness while driving.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo inside

But as for the outside, the inside is also missing some standard features. Keyless entry, dual-zone climate control and cruise control have all be dropped out form the new 2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo. These are some missing components that the true fans will certainly be missing and something which Toyota might address for its later models.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo seats

Engine of 2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo

As we mentioned, Toyota has not made many alteration to its lineup with the engines. So is the case with the Primo as it reuses the same one used in the GT 86 one. The 2.0 litter flat four provides 200 horsepower at 151 pound-feet of torque. The difference on the other hand between the mentioned vehicles is that the 2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo includes a six speed transmission system which makes this car a more of a driver’s vehicle than its predecessors.

2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo engine

2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo change gear


The initial price of the new 2015 Toyota GT 86 Primo is set at £22,995, or rather $36,884. Compared to the previous GT, the price is lowered for about £2,500, and if you are an early bird and would like to get this car in advance there is a special discount which lowers the price even more for an additional a £500. So the number may slip down to £22,495 or $36,112 for the new Primo. British deliveries commence in January 2015 so be sure to order yours.


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