Toyota comes out with a new updated vehicle this year and this time it is the 2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab. The review of this vehicle is available here for you to read and the pictures of the new 2015 Hilux are also provided for you to take a look and to inspect it a bit further. The newest from the line of Toyota Hilux is a truck with a firm design which will attract audiences from all over the world.

2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab side

The Hilux made its debut in 2004 when it was released for the first time by Toyota. It immediately grabbed the attention of the fans and was labeled as one of the more interesting and useful trucks to come. The newest addition to the Hilux family, that being the 2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab, brings us a truck with great utility characteristics and overall usefulness.

In terms of functionality, quality, usefulness and even purpose, the 2015 Hilux ranks high as a top tier truck from the Toyota line. The newest addition will continue the trend that the previous vehicles bearing this name have set and will also enhance it as well.

2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab rear

2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab exterior

The exterior design of the newest 2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab will actually bear similar characteristics as its predecessor. It is actually going to be a somewhat upgraded version of the older design, but an updated version in so many ways as it enhances the look and also the capabilities of the vehicle.

2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab open

The changes include a new styled grille to the front part of the car which redesign the complete quality of the car. The front end was the part of the vehicle which was mostly changed and the part which defines the look of the car the most. Additionally the headlights were also remodeled and received and whole new look which concludes the overhaul of the front part of the car.

The improved features of the car actually make it applicable for all kinds of terrains and weather conditions. Its newest more elegant design enables it to be used for various purposes which include business dealings, everyday activities and even touring.

2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab grill


The interior inclusions of the new 2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab feature both safety enhancements, comfort upgrades and utility usefulness. Overall the interior has been made to suit the needs of the customers but also make it as much comfortable as possible. The changes have started with the inclusion of a new dashboard which is styled differently and also much easier to maneuver with while driving.

2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab interior

The design of the now includes a much pleasant look which has been made with the help of new glossy materials. The leather upholsteries and the fine materials that have been used for the interior design of the truck do not make the ride feel good but pleasant as well. The car is beautiful to the eye and also more pleasant to ride in. Also, the cargo space is much larger which accounts for the vehicle’s utility purposes. The total amount of cargo that the car can include equals 3,000kg, which is a huge step forward compared with the other vehicle.

2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab change gear


The thing with the engine of the r is that the makers have concentrated on making it as a vehicle with low CO2 emission. By lowering the gas emission of the engine but at the same time making it efficient is what the makers have decided to go for. Under the hood you will find either a 2.5 or a 3-liter engine with either two or four diesel cylinders. This can enable the car to produce a horsepower of 171 and a torque of 360 Nm. Optional are all-wheel and two wheel drives while a five speed automated transmission system comes as standard for all trims.

Price and release date

Due to certain modifications of the 2014 model and upgrades that still need to be added, the release date of the 2015 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab will a bit postponed. But we are expecting it to be available to the people in the first part of this year the latest. Stick and stay with the info that comes out periodically about the Hilux to learn the exact release. As for the price is concerned be ready to spend about $111,000 in order to own a truck like this one.


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