With the release of the 2015 VW Polo GTI we have been expecting to get a redesigned version real soon. Many issues have been addressed and much of the car has been revised and we are now in for a 2015 VW Polo GTI Redesign. The car has made many changes and although at a glance seeming superficial, the changes made in the redesigned version will make this car better, applicable and easier to drive. Some key changes have been made on the outside of the car while the interior has gone through almost a complete overhaul, giving it a much sportier look/ By making the vehicle’s design sportier the design of the engine has also been revised and an upgrade has been installed as well under the hood of the vehicle.

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2015 VW Polo GTI Redesign Exterior

As the exterior redesign of the 2015 VW Polo GTI are truly minimal, the thing which has been revisited are some stylistic changes. The aerodynamic properties have been kept and the change which has been made is the better the car’s looks and make it be sportier that the previous version. The redesign feature a revised front bumper and an entirely new grille. The LED light technology has also been incorporated in the redesign of the 2015 VW Polo GTI, so the front lights are now made with LED lights enabling a better view in the dark. As for the back, you will notice a new back bumper as well and two pipes sticking out with the two-tube output exhaust system.

2015 VW Polo GTI side


The inside of the car has underwent the greatest redesign. Seen in the 2015 VW Polo GTI Redesign we will able to see a much sportier and extreme look. The tonalities and the mixture of grey tones enhanced with red lights go hand in hand with the redesign of the car. This will give you a much serious tone but in a measure that the car needs. Sports seats are the first changes which is visible and the addition of asteering wheel with a flattened bottom part.

2015 VW Polo GTI interior interior

The controls on the center console have also been drastically changed. Now you will be able to reach everything with ease and be more concentrated on driving. The design is not just pretty for the eye but is very useful to drivers. You will waste no time in looking for buttons or accessories as everything is in hand’s reach and will not affect your driving performance whatsoever.

2015 VW Polo GTI interior steering wheel


The current model has a 1.4 TSI engine which produces 180 horsepower. With the upgrade included in the 2015 VW Polo GTI Redesign will be able to produce a power of 190 horsepower by developing a maximum torque of 320 Nm. This is a great improvement as it has given more muscle to the car and granted it more power. So with a redesigned new looks along came some additional kick that the 2015 VW Polo GTI will provide. The engine will be able to reach a speed of 100 Km/h from a standstill in 6.9 to 6.7 seconds. The top speed is estimated at 236 Km/h with the current upgrade, which is a great step forward opposed to the previous 228 Km/h which the car was able to produce.

2015 VW Polo GTI interior engine


The redesigned 2015 VW Polo GTI will get to keep almost and exact price as its previous model, more or less, but the exact figure will be announced soon. As for the release date of the new vehicle is concerned expect to see it on the market in the latter part of 2015.

2015 VW Polo GTI side rear


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