Yes it is true. After a near 20-year-long wait the new 2016 Ford Bronco is going to be out. One of the most popular SUV vehicles coming from the Ford line has been one of the customer’s favorites and overall a pretty useful vehicles, particularly because of its off-road capabilities. And now it is being revamped and the concept which was introduced back in 2004 will soon be a reality. Actually the 2016 Ford Bronco will not be as it was predicted in 20014 with the concept as initial changes will be made on that model. Reports are that it will fit the design of the Ford Atlas and that the concept of the 2016 Bronco will be out in the latter part of 2015 while the official release date of the SUV is scheduled for the mid of 2015. The long awaited return of the beast among the SUVs is almost over and fans are eager to see and especially try out the remodeled Bronco which promises, as usual, power, stability and reliability.

2016 Ford Bronco side

2016 Ford Bronco exterior

The greatest feature of the Bronco line is its imposing nature and design. As for the 2016 Ford Bronco it will keep its main characteristics which will mostly be based on the F-150. The car is going to have a massively large grill in the front of it giving it a look with an attitude which this line of SUVs certainly does not lack. Also, this will give the car more posture and make it look a bit more stable. The Bronco is also now going to have all new fog-lights made with LED technology. This is something of a favorite feature of most of the fans as it will add better visibility at night and on ruff terrains. The 2016 Bronco will keep its looks and the modern new design will breathe new life in one of the most popular vehicles of the past century.

2016 Ford Bronco front

2016 Ford Bronco front grill


Venturing inside the two door SUV, the Bronco will have a much needed technological injection which will allow it to pass into the modern era of vehicles. The new 2016 Ford Bronco is going to be given a new and modern dashboard. The all new and improved dashboard is going to include a touchscreen SAT-NAV/information system. This will add much style to the Bronco and make it a modern vehicle. Also, comfort is going to be a big issue for the Bronco as there is going to be much more space that it used to be. Now there will be enough head space and leg space for a five passenger crew which will result in a much easier ride. The comfort level has been upgraded as well and the all new seat design upholstered with comfortable new materials will make every person feel extremely relaxed in the new Bronco vehicle. Additionally, cargo space has been added as well which is a great deal for people who will use this car for their jobs or need to carry great loads.

2016 Ford Bronco interior


The engine used for the 2016 Ford Bronco is still a mystery as there are many assumptions and no firm evidence on the true design of the engine. But as the prime assumptions we shall present to you the most frequently mentioned option. There are actually three engine options related to the 2016 Bronco. Firstly, it may use a 4.7 liter 6-cylinder engine which can deliver 330 horsepower and 645 lb-feet of torque. The second engine choice is a 5.0 liter engine with an 8-cylinder-coyote gasoline engine. This engine is capable of achieving 420 horsepower and it will surely be the standard powertrain option for this model. The third engine option includes 5.8 liter engine with an 8-cylinder supercharger power unit delivering 662 horsepower and 631 lb-ft of torque. As a transmission option, all of these engines will get to use a 6R 140, 6-speed automatic transmission, while the more powerful engines will include a ZT-6, 6-speed manual transmission.

2016 Ford Bronco engine


As the release date for the concept is scheduled for 2015 and the actual release of the vehicle for 2016 it is a long way for the 2016 Ford Bronco seeing the light of day or better yet the curve of the street. For these reasons the price is still not set and will be unattainable to us for a certain period as well. For updates on the price keep a close eye on any information that may occur for the new Bronco vehicle as some price estimation are to come soon.


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