2016 Ford Edge Review

The 2016 Ford Edge is getting a release date finally. The original model was first released in 2006 but was a 2007 model and it quickly become the Ford’s standout in the midsize crossover SUV segment. The first one also had a  CD3 platform which was shared by a number of Ford vehicles at the time but managed to get the highest popularity then as it managed to sell around 130,000 units. The first refresh for the Edge was made in 2011 and it was endowed with a reworked exterior which was made in the standard Ford design language. Even despite the interior update then the basics of the car have not been changed significantly from its release. This is all planed to be changed with the 2016 Ford Edge model.

The new Edge is planned to be a new crossover which is going to adopt an evolutionary design idea which the people from Ford have decided to utilize here. Also announced are a number of new technological advancements that are going to be used here. One of them is the mentioned EcoBoost engine, which is going to be available in the 2.7-liter, V-6  engine form.

2016 Ford Edge side view

There are some other features mentioned about the car as well and they include increased aero efficiency, active grille shutters and a long list of innovative safety equipment  which is going to push the Edge pass the competition in a big way.

Ford has already confirmed the release date and has stated that the car is going to come out late in the spring. The price rates are already available and you can start thinking about how you can order your new Ford Edge car. Keep reading the review so you learn more about the model and the news about the release date.

2016 Ford Edge exterior

The name of the 2016 Ford Edge suits the design of the car pretty much as the car has a very edgy looking design. The car’s exterior is mainly dominated with crisp lines and angles and there are also some strong accent lines that make the car seem more futuristic and interesting looking. The new look actually suits the car pretty well particularly with the new six-sided grille that the car has with its two main bars bisecting it.

2016 Ford Edge front angle

The front side of the car has some large air openings which are positioned low and combined with the fake vents which are positioned forward toward the tires and actually work well in making the car seem fresh and youthful. The sides of the car receive two accent lines that keep the shape of the car much stronger and the large rocker panel  lower the center of gravity for the car. Finally, the  tall greenhouse and large wheels finish the look and make a great overall presence for the car.

2016 Ford Edge rear angle, tailpipe

The back side of the car has actually a lot of similarities with the Ford Fusion. The taillights are a perfect example of that as they are exceptionally well-placed here in the Edge. The back also has the lower rear diffuse and the steeply-racked rear glass which extremely freshens up and livens up the look.


The interior of the 2016Ford Edge already looks pretty familiar to what we got before, so if you are an Edge fan you will have no trouble fitting into one of these cars. Of course is does share some small differences but it is essentially the same thing once you get past the few changes that were made. The main changes are actually featured in the main console and the upper dashboard part. Also the middle air vents are now positioned vertical while the center button array has also been modified. The TFT gauge cluster is actually something that we are happy seeing back again as it looks modern and very suitable for this vehicle, thus it makes it way back inside the 2016 Ford Edge.

The cabin is going to be a lot quieter, on the other hand. This is all thanks to the new body structure that is being incorporated here and is made out of high-strength steels and combines with a lot of sound deadening materials behind every panel. Also added is an acoustic windshield which is a standard option on every model and further emphasis the quietness of the cabin. This is going to help the passengers feel much more comfortable and they are going to enjoy the new sound system even more this way.

2016 Ford Edge interior

Also, the interior space is much larger and it is all thanks to the thinner seats the model has been equipped with. The legroom in the first row is 1.9 inches  larger while there is an extra inch added to the second row spacing. The headroom is also larger by an inch and the cargo bay is a whole 7 cubic feet larger resulting to a total of 39.2. And finally the wheelbase has also been enlarged by an inch, owing to the all extra space on the inside, and now comes at 112.2 inches.

2016 Ford Edge engine specs

The 2016 Ford Edge gets two completely new engine options for this year. The new addition to the powertrain choices is the 2.0-liter EcoBoost inline four-cylinder, which is going to be the standard option. The second one is the all-new 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6, which is going to be used in the Sport trims, and finally the naturally aspired 3.5-liter V-6 is also going to be offered under the hood of the Edge car.

2016 Ford Edge engine

Price and release date

The 2016 Ford Edge is going to be available in four different rim levels, which are all going to have a different price tag of course. The base SE model costs $28,100 while the SLE has a price tag of $31,500. The upper trims are the Titanium and the Sport which came at a price tag of $35,600 and $38,100 for the later. All trims are going to be released at the same time when the Edge hits the market. We are expecting the release date to be set for June this year.


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