2016 Ford Excursion Review

Rumors have been accumulating more and more about the release of the 2016 Ford Excursion model. The vehicle has been announced for quite some time and the production has started in the past already but has been stopped and postponed a couple of times due to some unfortunate events. For a time we were certain that the new Excursion was never going to come so we kind of a gave up thinking about it. But the news that has come recently states that the model holds great potential to be released this year.

When Ford announced the idea of its new SUV in the past they have stated that the car is going to have  a revolutionary design which was going to take the market by the storm. Quite a long period has passed then and we have still not been able to see something that was going to take on the likes of Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon models that have been contenders that are considered to be a long time running favorites in the SUV segment.

2016 Ford Excursion front view

The Excursion is finally going to see the lights of the day and is supposed to be built like no other SUV on the market. What they have promised in the past are some superior design cues and exceptional craftsmanship that is going to make the hauler a great and a fabulous addition to the Ford lineup. Of course they are planning to concentrate on the comfort levels a great deal but what they are planning to do is to make the car competitive with the most popular models.

2016 Ford Excursion rear view

The 2016 Ford Excursion is going to get its release date perhaps this year. We are certainly hoping on seeing this car as soon as possible and the latest news states that we are in for a great model. The vehicle promises to be everything that we have expected it to be but we still have to wait and see some of the parts of the car after its release. Here is what we were able to find out so far, read the review and learn more about the specs and the performance of the car.

2016 Ford Excursion exterior

As it took quite a long time to make the design of the 2016 Ford Excursion, there have been a lot of details that have changed about it along the way. Early releases and pictures posed a different look than what we have seen from the ones a while ago. It seems that they have given up on the revolutionary design and have actually toned down a little bit. The announced changes in the bodywork are still going to be present but they are not going to make as much noise as it was initially thought it would. The model is going to get a lot of refining but not so much as to make this model a futuristic looking one.

2016 Ford Excursion exterior,black color

Ford has decided to do this by going to familiar territory and using something that they already know and feel comfortable with. The success of the F-150 has only fueled this premise and we are going to get the model which is going to be based on the Ford latest jewel. The F-150 is good for many reasons and the success it made is just half of the argument why this model should be used as the basis for the Excursion.

Initially, the 2016 Ford Excursion is going to borrow a lot from the Ford F-150 model but it is still going to add some unique features as well. They are planning on making the car seem massive and enormous for its shape and is going to have a pretty imposing look on the roads.


The 2016 Ford Excursion promises to add as much as comfort and spacing on the inside as possible. The more space you have the better it is going to be and they are looking to do so as to be competitive with other brands and makes that are dominating the market. Making the car competitive with the current giants is not an easy task to do but Ford is going to do its best if they are planning on making this model work. What we are hoping on seeing on the inside are the latest advancements in technology that Ford is able to offer and new kinds of materials and upholsteries to make it even comfort. Fine materials and added spacing is a perfect formula in designing the best SUV and the 2016 Ford Excursion is going to take a page out of that book.

2016 Ford Excursion interior


The news about the powertrain of the 2016 Ford Excursion is pretty shady and we do not have that much to go on regarding it. But there have been a number of rumors and a lot of assumptions so there are 2 engine options that are mentioned the most. First of all, there is the V8 engine 5.8 liter engine and secondly the V6 EcoBoost engine 3.6 liter one. Both of them seem like a good fit for the Excursion especially the later one as it may offer us better fuel economy. There aren’t any specs or mph rates specified so far.

Price and release date

2016 Ford Excursion side view

The release date is a very elusive piece of information. There are various assumptions about the time when we are going to be able to see the 2016 Ford Excursion, but not many information have been officially release. Without any tangible evidence we are not able to really determine when this is going to be but we are hoping on seeing it by the end of the year as our most optimistic assumption. The price is also not set still and will come as information about the release comes out.


  1. Have you heard anything new about the possibility of a 2016 Ford Excursion? It doesn’t seem likely since it’s already July and Ford hasn’t announced it yet.
    I need an SUV that will hold 7 people and pull a larger camper (9,000 lbs). Nobody else makes anything that will handle that kind of load.


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