2016 Ford Expedition is the next in line of full size SUV’s built by Ford Motor Company. First generation of this model has been introduced in 1996 as a mere replacement for Ford Bronco. It has gone through a couple of modifications until it got it true form as a Ford’s largest truck based off road and tow capable vehicle. It is a five door SUV with front engine, rear and four wheel drive options.

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Third generation started the journey in 2007 model year. It was developed under the U324 program codename which was a seriously updated version of the second generation Expedition. Most changes were made in the field of mechanics with some changes in looks.

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Although we are deep into the third generation which began in 2007, the 2016 Ford Expedition is not going to be an end for this generation. Fourth one is planned for 2017 so that means that we are going to see even more variations of Ford Expedition.

In this review we are going to explore all the possibilities for 2016 Ford Expedition including its interior, exterior, engine, price and release date.

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2016 Ford Expedition Exterior

As seen on newest pictures, the 2016 Ford Expedition exterior is boxy and there is little to be done about that. Every SUV has some limits in design because of its size. On the front end, there is a three part chromed grille and redesigned headlights with huge, heavy bumpers and fenders. On the back, you can enjoy in a pickup based platform that stretches with three side windows as rear pillars.

2016 Ford Expedition side

2016 Ford Expedition rear

2016 Ford Expedition Interior

2016 Ford Expedition interior is made for up to eight persons. The new style has a lot of upgrades when compared to the previous model. All new cars are equipped with the state of the art technology, and this one is not the exception.

That includes the new ten speakers Sony Audio System and upgraded MyFord infotainment system. The car got a new air conditioning system, just like the 2016 Ford Everest, new USB and Bluetooth improvements all paired up with the central eight inch touch screen for a total vehicle control. But everything depends on a trim level.

2016 Ford Expedition interior

2016 Ford Expedition cabin trim comes a long road from plastics and cloth to wood accents and leather. Base models got a standard 4.2 inch central screen display while those higher levels get eight inch screen with navigation as optional even on standard levels. Some of the advanced features are a dual zone climate control and a twin, seven inch, LCD wide screen monitors as a part of a rear seat entertainment system.

Rear view camera and blind spot information are the standard for all models.

2016 Ford Expedition inside

Engine and Specs

All trim levels are most likely going to come with same engine option, and that is going to be a last year 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 with 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. Advanced direct injection of this engine helps maximizing the power from every drop of fuel. The six speed automatic gearbox and FWD are a standard for all trim levels, while you can get AWD as an option.

2016 Ford Expedition grill

Fuel economy has to be the same as for the last year version, because it is the same engine. It will maybe be even lower due to weight loss of 2016 Ford Expedition. RWD – 16 mpg city drive/ 22 mpg on a highway AWD – 15/ 20 mpg for a city drive. More info on Edmunds.

2016 Ford Expedition engine

2016 Ford Expedition Release Date and Price

According to some of our trusted sources, the price is not going to be higher than 42,000 dollars for a base level and for the release date, we will have to wait until the next summer. Until then, you can enjoy in pictures we have provided, and follow us for any future updates.


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