Ford’s F series is one of the bestselling vehicles in the US for 30 years, best selling pick up for 40 years and the bestselling vehicle in Canada. It’s practically a full size pickup truck manufactured by Ford Motor Company and it’s in the market since 1948 in one form or another.

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Ford F-series is now in its thirteenth generation and since 2015 with F-150 it is the first pickup truck with Adaptive Cruise Control. That big update that mattered, not only for F-series but for pickup trucks in generally, casts a big shadow to the release of 2016 Ford F-150. Whether or not this vehicle drives in shadow, it is going to be a bestselling vehicle in the U.S, no matter what, just because drivers love it.

2016 Ford F-150 will get its biggest updates in Raptor version, and because of that, we do not expect some drastic changes in the base model. In this review we are going to concentrate primarily on the changes that are going to be applied on the base 2016 Ford F-150 including its engine, exterior, interior, price and release date.

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2016 Ford F-150 Exterior

One of the things that are going to be transferred from the previous release is certainly going to be the revolutionary use of aluminum in building some of the parts. Because of that, fuel consumption is going to drop drastically and higher speeds are going to be achievable more easily, which are all good things. The bad thing is going to be the repair price. Aluminum is not cheap at all. Every time this vehicle comes out, new and upgraded, one of the main things updated is the chassis itself. Every time it gets more “purpose built”, strengthen up, and very soon this vehicle is practically going to turn into armored military purposed vehicle.

2016 Ford F-150 side

New design got refreshed with slightly different grille and a few changes in the technology of headlights and taillights, no special changes in shape.

2016 Ford F-150 rear

2016 Ford F-150 Interior

All modern car manufacturers race each other in how much hi-tech equipment they can fit in a cabin of their vehicle. In good old times, 20 to 30 years ago, trucks looked a lot different with just essential equipment in the cabin. These new trucks have the entire house installed in them. The basic XL version is made in a spirit of old times without all that technology, it doesn’t even have power windows. Nevertheless, higher trim levels come with parking sensors, hydraulic tailgate, leather heated and ventilated seats, surround stereo with HD radio, navigation, central touch screen, front and back cameras, you know everything that can be fitted in one modern vehicle.

2016 Ford F-150 interior

2016 Ford F-150 inside


2016 Ford F-150 is coming with updated engine too. They are basically the same engines from the last version, but with better fuel efficiency and decreased power output. There are two versions, base version 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost with 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft and optional more fuel efficient 2.7 liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 with 325 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. Both of these engine future twin turbos and direct fuel injection.

2016 Ford F-150 grill

Engine EcoBoost

Version of Ford F-150 named Ford F-150 Raptor, has hit the worldwide market in 2010. It was surprisingly spectacular vehicle, vehicle that should have been the original Ford F-150. That was the first true thigh performance off-road vehicle that came out in very tuff time for car industry and it stood on its legs. In announced version for 2017 it will most certainly use new superlight materials, Ford’s dedicated chassis and engine. Light materials are going to push this vehicle on a serious diet. And thus, it will be more “green friendly”.

Engine is not going to be that robust V8, this time Ford F-150 Raptor is going for a lighter 3.5 liter V6 Twin turbocharged EcoBoost with direct fuel injection. We are not certain about the output levels, but we can expect at least 450 horsepower. Transmission is going to be the first ever application of Ford’s ten speed automatic transmission. The release date is expected sometime at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017.

2016 Ford F-150 front side

2016 Ford F-150 Price and Release Date

Price of 2016 Ford F-150 is going to be heavily influenced by the trim level and it’s going to go from approximately 26,000 dollars, all the way to 55,000 dollars. Release date is expected for the end of 2015.


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