Ford truly did a magnificent job at this year’s Detroit Motor Show with its exemplification of the new Ford GT vehicle. The new 2016 Ford GT is the first car in a line of supercars which Ford has announced to being released until 2020. This is the first one which we have managed to see for the first time here in Detroit and the feeling is more than great.

2016 Ford GT side

The car is going to have its production line model launch in 2016, which will actually mark the 50th anniversary of GTs greatest victory in Le Mans. The new 2016 Ford GT is a top of the range sorts vehicle, quite beautiful in design and even better when it comes to its specs. In order to keep the mass of the car to a minimum, this GT has been largely made of aluminum and carbon-fiber materials.

The last model of the GT was made ten years ago in 2005, and Ford has decided to bring back its legendary mark as an introduction to an even better line of supercars which we will get acquainted with in the course of next five years. If you ask me, this is truly one of the greatest feats Ford has ever pulled and it stands to be one of their best moves yet, the 2016 Ford GT comes back in great fashion and an even better style.

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2016 Ford GT Exterior

As we already mentioned, the car is mainly built out of light materials. Carbon fiber and aluminum built is one of the advantages of the new GT car as it will enable larger speeds, aerodynamic capabilities and all in all less fuel consumption.

But more importantly is how these materials are combined together and used, as the design of the vehicle with dramatic cuts and huge gaps does not make just a pretty sight to look at, but also quite a useful characteristic of the car.

2016 Ford GT rear

The vehicle’s front side needs a bit more work as it seems. But included are the new headlights with LED technology. But what cannot be forgotten is the trademark of the vehicle and that are the iconic air outlets which are placed on top of the front hood of the car.

2016 Ford GT rear side

At the back, the 2016 Ford GT has an active rear spoiler. This actually allows the driver to change the position of the spoiler while driving and adjusting it in whichever way he deems fit. Depending on the speed the driver can shift and change its position which is a very interesting and quite useful feature of the car, particularly at great speeds.

2016 Ford GT rear light


Referring to the interior of the new 2016 Ford GT, we are actually at a loss. We haven’t been able to find out much, even at the show, as the people from Ford are still keeping all the details about that one to themselves. For now we can only rely on the rumors and some leaked statements until the launch of the production model scheduled for 2016.

2016 Ford GT inside

The steering wheel is rumored to resemble the Formula One steering wheels, which promise loads of fun while driving this vehicle. This means that all of the important buttons for the maneuvering the car are found on the wheel itself. Something which was also mentioned about the new GT is the technological upgrade. It is said that the dashboard is also going to be fully modernized with digital and configurable display available.

2016 Ford GT interior

Engine of 2016 Ford GT

What is the biggest and also the most exciting change for the Ford GT vehicle is the new engine which will be used. The twin-turbo, 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine is a real treat for this car and certainly one of the inclusions which the fans will most certainly love the most. The engine packs a power of 600 hp, which is a great improvement with the V8 engine used in the last GT vehicle.

2016 Ford GT front side

The engine is placed in the central part of the vehicle, or right in the middle of it, just behind the driver’s seats. This way the car is perfectly balanced and allows for the perfect drive and maneuverability of it. But it will not include the electric assist hybrid systems how it was speculated as many other supercars from the same frame have it.

2016 Ford GT engine

Price and Release Date

The unveiling of the car has been done on the Detroit Auto Motor show and it was the first opportunity for us to get a glimpse of this car. It has been also unveiled that the production model is going to launch in 2016 when the people will be able to purchase this vehicle.

2016 Ford GT doors

The thing about the price, on the other hand, is that it has still not been concluded. We do not have a lot of information to go on that but are soon to expect some more data in the upcoming months. The latest 2016 Ford GT vehicle was priced at $140,000, so we can assume that it might go higher than that. But these are just speculations of course, expect more speculations soon.


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