2016 Ford Thunderbird Review

With the release of the 2016 Ford Thunderbird the 60-year-old legacy of the personal luxury car is being continued. In fact with the establishment of the Thunderbird the term “personal luxury car” was invented and established as an official segment in the automotive industry and as many people thing, vehicles that came after this one were just cheap imitations of the original. This is going to be the eleventh generation of the vehicle which is going to be produced and is going to continue to Thunderbird name.

The initial model was conceived back in 1955 and, believe it or not, it was not labeled as a sports car. It was fast and it was powerful but its aim was to provide the driver with luxury and a good driving experience, hence the name of the segment it founded. The first model was a two-seat car which had a sporty atmosphere and air to it. Three years afterwards the next model included the second row of seats with some larger dimensions, and this was the start as every model after it seemed to have gotten only bigger.

2016 Ford Thunderbird front view

The popularity started to dwindle in the 90s when the large door coupe like vehicles have started to lose popularity and slowly started to become redundant in the automotive industry. One of the attempts of Ford to revive its popular car was attempted in 2002, but it did not do the tick and it only resulted with the car been discontinued in 2005.

The Thunderbird is due for a comeback now, as Ford is attempting to fix the mistakes of the past. The concept models which were released ad future renderings of the car are soon going to become a reality. The year 2016 just maybe a comeback year for the Thunderbird and you can read all about it in this review and see what information we have managed to find out.

2016 Ford Thunderbird exterior

2016 Ford Thunderbird exterior concept

There were many assumptions and renderings on how the exterior of the 2016 Ford Thunderbird was going to be. A lot of it was actually based on the look which the car had in 2002 with a few additions form the 2004 model year. The Thunderbird is an iconic vehicle so despite the fact that the additions made in the 2000s were somewhat modern, did not work as a whole for the car which at the end managed it discontinued in the first place. We assume that they are going to keep it simple and give the fans what they actually want in terms of keeping it to the traditional design.

Of course it is bad to keep the car too old fashioned as we need to update it for the modern era, that is where some of the contemporary upgrades come into play. The car is going to be kept elegant and sleek. The additions need to give the car strength and power just by looking at it, which is what some of the old-school Thunderbird models were all about. There are some tings which can be transferred from the new Camaro vehicle, which may pose some examples on how to do things right here.

2016 Ford Thunderbird side view

We certainly hope that many of the pieces that we have seen in the last model get to be removed and never spoken off again. This means getting rid of the grille in the front and making it bigger in the first place, adding more spoilers to the sides and making the nose more sleeker. This also means making the design of the headlights new with some new LED graphics and additions. There are also some talks that the new Thunderbird may come out as a convertible, but it is not confirmed will it be as a trim or a model that can change to a convertible with a removable top.

Interior design

It appears that the 2016 Ford Thunderbird is going to be a two-seater. All things indicate that the car is going back to its roots and that means getting rid of the second row and keeping it a two seat ride along car. This means that the upgrades inside are going to be immense, with new technological upgrades and trims added with some fine leather materials to make the comfort even greater.

Additionally, the car is going to have lots of spacing on the inside despite it being a tow seat model. We think that this part is important and with the added technological upgrades the car is going to be made even classier and much more appreciated than it ever was.

2016 Ford Thunderbird interior

2016 Ford Thunderbird powertrain update

Many of the information of the 2016 Ford Thunderbird engine and its possible specs are very much unknown. The car is still under construction and there are not a lot of details being released about the powertrain. We have a lot of indications and assumptions though which might seem possible for the car to include, but for not it is still not certain what the car is going to end up with using.

One of the more obvious choices is to transfer the engine from the previous version, which means using the  4.0 liter V8 AJ-35 engine option. This engine option can give us an output of 252 horsepower and 259 lb-ft of torque and is ETC supported. Another choice may be the  3,9 liter V8  engine, but there is still no indication what the output in this case may be. All in all, as the release date nears we will have a clearer picture on what the car might bring engine-wise.

Price and release date

2016 Ford Thunderbird exterior, side view

The release date of the 2016 Ford Thunderbird is the most elusive information that we do not have yet. There have been many pictures already released and some info about the date but no solid evidence yet. We assume that it may come out by the end of the year with a base price, or at least a starting one, at around 30,000 dollars.


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