2016 Ford Torino Review

Many people are claiming the possibility of the new 2016 Ford Torino release. We have learned this information recently and feel that it has some credibility that the actual car might appear in recent period but the information is still scarce. Ford is already known for its Ford Mustang model but this is another muscle car that they present a staple to. We expect that this car is going to make a legendary appearance once it gets released.

The first Torino model was made back in 1968 and had an engine option which gave it the power to achieve 301 horsepower. The next one was introduced two years later in 1970 and it gave rise to multiple versions of the model where we had a convertible, a wagon version and also a 2-door and a 4-door one as well. After that the car was redesigned and named the Grand Torino back in 1972. This year we are excited for the introduction of the Torino GT label which is perhaps going to be the first one of its kind.

2016 Ford Torino side view

The 2016 Ford Torino GT can be a direct successor to the one made back in 68, but of course with some modern updating and craftsmanship. We are expecting a car which will stay true to its roots but also bring us innovation and power that we expect from a vehicle of this magnitude.

The 2016 Ford Torino GT may be the most anticipated and awaited car on the market now. The popularity that was raised immediately after the initial release of the pictures gave us some very positive feedback from the fans who view this as something that they have awaited a long time now. If you are one of those people you can find out all the latest specs and facts about the Torino right here.

2016 Ford Torino engine specs

Making the car popular would mean that the car will need an appropriate powertrain to give it power, and it is just the case with the 2016 Ford Torino model. The car is supposed to be powered by a  5.0 liter V8 Ti-VCT which is the same type of an engine which is under the hood of the Ford Mustang GT model. This is certainly going to give it the added force it needs as the output of 435 horsepower and  400 lb-ft of torque is more than enough.

2016 Ford Torino engine

This engine gives it the capability to speed up from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds and also a top speed of 170 mph. These are similar specs that the Mustang had while using this engine and it will be fairly similar to the Mustang in that sense. The estimated EPA rating is around 15 mpg city/25 mpg hwy, which is fairly economically compared to some other cars in the segment which offer similar setups.


The 2016 Ford Torino is going to have a very stylish looking exterior. In fact the look which the car needs is something that needs to be stylish because the fans expect it to be so and secondly it is a Torino so it cannot be designed any other way. The front side of the cars going to have a sharp look which is achieved with some curvy features. The bumper is rightfully so omitted and has larger dimensions by being 5 inches longer than the previous model. Something that is going to add to the look are the new wheels that have been specially redesigned for this model. It also uses some 20-inch ones as well.

2016 Ford Torino front view, alloy wheels

To make the performance better, also adding a bit to the sport-elegant look of the car, is the fact that the front side is positioned lower than the back side of the vehicle. The car also mainly uses aluminum materials for its body so as to make it as light as possible, adding to its performance rates that way also. To give the driver some better visibility options, there are some new LED designed headlamps that look cool but are very useful at the same time.


There have been some pictures already released about the 2016 Ford Torino’s interior which in fact show us a very comfortable and a very amusing setting inside. First of all, the added technology is amazing making it much more fun to use and drive around with. this is confirmed with the an eight inch LCD screen on dashboard that is meant to control various gadgets and parts of the car. The steering wheel is positioned lower so as to make the handling better while the seats are very comfortable and have the option adjustment. They are also covered in some prime leather to make everything even better.

2016 Ford Torino interior

There are many entertainment features on the inside. The most obvious one is the very powerful speaker system that enables you to listen to music while you cruise around this car. There are various connectivity applications inside as well for USB, Bluetooth and also adds an optional GPS that can be installed inside the car.

2016 Ford Torino release date and price

The latest 2016 Ford Torino is going to have an appropriate  price tag. Some expect to see the vehicle being priced at around  $ 40,000 which is a great offer for this kind of a car. There are some indications that the car may also appear in different markets and one particularly popular is the Australian one where the car may come first before hitting the US. We are certain that the car is going to appear and will receive a release date for the US market by the end of the year.

2016 Ford Torino exterior


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