2016 Honda Element Review

The newest 2016 Honda Element is almost upon us. This is a small size crossover SUV which is going to be updated for this model year and will take a new form both inside and outside. The car has gained a lot of updates as it has been racing with the more advanced contemporary models. This is the main cause of the update but one which is going to bring it a lot of acclaim and good fortune.

The model was initially made for the Japanese market and has been mostly featured in the home country but has managed to overtake some closer Asian markets as well. In fact it is a perfect vehicle for this part of the world and its small size helps with getting through cramped and congested areas with people and traffic. This is still the main reason why we have not seen an Element car in the US but perhaps something that could change soon as the model raises its popularity.

2016 Honda Element rear view

The 2016 Honda Element has all the making of a great SUV vehicle. Its small size is its true advantage and also the fact that it has almost perfect comfort specs and great drivability is something to watch out for as well. We have compared a review which might help get to know the Honda Element a little bit better and perhaps prepare us for the US release which might happen sooner than we have expected it to be.


What can we say about the 2016 Honda Element exterior rather than it is perfect for its primary use. The model has a great design which fits it well in the situations that you are probably going to use it. The car has new 17-inch allow wheels which it is going to be equipped with and prepares it for any type of urban driving experience that you are going to face. The front fascia of the car is covered with a black plastic covering which gives the car an even more attractive look. The front and rear bumpers have been lowered this time and protect the car from damage of its underlayment parts. There are also new enlarged headlights which use LED technology and they also make for a much better driving experience.

2016 Honda Element exterior

The model has an overall boxy design and has not departed that much from its original. It keeps the Honda Element recognizable on the street and enables it to keep true to its brand. The car is updated with small things which actually mean a lot. This is perhaps the perfect way of updating the exterior of the car as it can seem like a redesign rather than a facelift. For those reasons the 2016 Honda Element is a perfect small-sized SUV crossover car.


The interior of the 2016 Honda Element is pretty large and spacious. It holds a number of enhanced features and added elements which make it much more capable than other models in the segment. The most appreciated thing that relates to the Element is the level of spacing it has and the number of people it can intake. The enlarged interior spacing is great and actually manages to offer even more than expected. It also has a vast cargo load which offers the passengers who are going on a road trip to pack as much as things that they want.

2016 Honda Element steering wheel, lcd screen, dasboard and gear shift knob

The design of the cabin is rather simplified but is all-together effective. There is a large LCD screen placed on the inside which gives the driver the option to operate everything pretty well. But there are also some additional features installed on the inside, Bluetooth connectivity, HD satellite radio, satellite helped GPS route system and a stereo encompass sound are the main additions that we get for the model. The front seats are very comfortable and have armrests for maximum comfort which can help on longer road travels. The model fits in six-passengers as the last time and also updates the cabin with various enhanced materials. The safety is also an issue here as they managed to update it with airbags, traction control, stability control, lane departure alert, cross traffic alert and many more.

2016 Honda Element interior, leather seats


The latest and official info about the powertrain of the 2016 Honda Element is that it is going to use the  2.4 L 4-cylinder engine. This helps the car generate a power of 150 hp and a torque of 160 lb-ft. bringing it a great setup and true performance validity. The car also makes a great top speed for the likings of a crossover SUV as it measures up to 110 miles per hour. The effectiveness of this car is also measured by the fuel efficiency it manages to portray with 20 mpg while driving in trafficked areas such as the city, towns, and 25 mpg  while driving on the express highway.

Release date and price

The model is going to have its initial and first release date in Japan in June. After that there are no indications that the 2016 Honda Element might make its US appearance, at least by this year. The next year is more suitable and the car might be released as a 2017 model across the seas. Its current price is an equivalent of between  $19,000 – $24,000.



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