2017 Honda S2000 Review

One of the recent news that has shaken up the automobile world is the news about the 2016 Honda S2000. The Australian model which has been discontinued for a period now has reported a comeback and in due time. The model was already a popular one so many have been sad to see it go, but with the recent announcement it appears that the model is going to be brought back and featured on the roads again which makes a lot of people happy.

Hondas sports lineup has started to become cleaner with each new release and there are a lot of cars that have already been announced and are going to be offered once more. Besides the more obvious choice, which is the NXS model, there is also the announcement of the S660 making a comeback next, so it was no wonder seeing the S2000 appearing on the track once more.

2017 Honda S2000 release date

The S2000 broke out in the same year its name states and as it appeared in 2000 model year it had a good run until 2009. Since it was stint, there has always been a glimmer of hope of it appearing again and making a comeback. Finally that day has come and there are a few announced changes for the model already.

The Honda S2000 was known as a front-engine mounted sports car and was known and popular based on this premise. The new 2016 may bare the same name but will offer us a different setup. The most obvious difference is that this is going to be a model which is going to carry a mid-mounted engine which is going to be the case with other Honda products, namely the NSX and S660 models. Keep reading the review and you will find out more details about this car.


When it comes to the styling of the 2016 Honda S2000, reports say that it is going to have quite an interesting exterior. We are going to get similarities with the base mode but they have actually decided to depart from the original design and make this one a new one which is going to offer us more in terms of style as it is going to be a completely contemporary vehicle. The 2016 Honda S2000 is going to look similar as the already released Honda NSX and the announced Honda S660.

2017 Honda S2000 rear view

As the models are scheduled to make their reappearance together, it wasn’t anything shocking to find out that they might also share styles. What we see from the model are the added wraparound headlights, flared wheel arches to give it that race car vibe and large side air intakes. The 2016 Honda S2000 thus adopts a more robust design to its counterparts and also does not have to do anything with the sleek exterior it used to have with the original model. The bullet-like design was good but the model is entering in a new day and age and desperately needs this kind of an update.


There have not been many news regarding the interior of the 2016 Honda S2000 model. In fact we have been hoping for an update that might appear soon but it appears that we were shorthanded as Honda is keeping things secret until the release. In fact the model is expected to be designed pretty well particularly as it is also going to borrow something from the NXS version. Except the setup the interior might also borrow some other things from contemporary Honda models which are also getting an update recent.

2017 Honda S2000 interior

The 2016 Honda S2000 is being built in the Performance Manufacturing Center in the U.S which is also the place where the Honda NSX was issued which makes the materials of both of the vehicles similar or perhaps the same. As the cars have been manufactured literally at the same place it is going to be certain that they are going to share this characteristics, so look for the S2000 to have the same kind of materials issued on the inside as its big bro.


The engine is always an important part and it is centrally going to be a big issue for a car like the 2016 S2000. Luckily the information about this has been confirmed and the new engine that makes it under the hood is the 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine. This is the same one that we have seen fitted in the Honda Civic Type-R model and it proved its worth there so it was no wonder they decided to include it here as well. The model is going to make 365 horsepower and will also have a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission system to improve shifting at higher speeds.

2017 Honda S2000 engine

Release date and price

The new 2016 Honda S2000 has been a vehicle which has expected for a long time so we will have t wait a few months more in order to finally get it. The release date has been scheduled for the end of the year and we can perhaps to get it a little bit earlier by the middle of the year. The price is still unknown by now.

2017 Honda S2000 badge


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