The newest out of the production line of Honda is the 2016 Honda Spirior. This is a model which is going to be offered for the first time, at least under this name, while in earnest it is actually an extension of the Accord model. The Spirior is a newly produced car which is going to be a newly minted Accord model which is going to be sold in some markets under the Spirior name alone while in other ones it will be known as a Honda Accord Spirior model.


Honda has managed to produce quite good and quote innovative cars along the years having been subjected to a lot of praise through their potential and their ability to offer such cars and models. The Honda Accord models are perhaps the most sold cars in the US market and have already provide their worth. As an extension of the Accord, the 2016 Honda Spirior model cannot do anything wrong and we see it as a very nice substitute and a design which is going to be recognized.2016-honda-spirior-rear-view

There are still some specifications that are going to be released as there is still a little bit time until the release date comes. The 2016 Honda Spirior’s success still has to be predicted as we do not have a lot to base it on from before, but in fact if it becomes as bit as successful as the Accord is then we are looking at a long lucrative career of the Spirior brand. Here is what we were able to find out about the 2016 Honda Spirior in our review.

Exterior design

The newly offered 2016 Honda Spirior is going to have pretty attractive features and will look great compared to the other newly released Honda products. This car has been highly based on the design cues of the Honda Accord model and will adopt them very much making this model one to remember and praise. The handsome exterior is gong to be characterized by some very attractive lines whit the front end being dominated by an aggressive hood and grille combination. With the new design details come the redesigned headlamps which will also make a difference for the look of the car. Combining all of this with the entire new concept look of the car we have some very nice and awesome looking lines.


The bodywork has been directly transferred from the latest Accord model, that is more than noticeable and is what makes this car look great. It is not unique by any account but it does not stop it to possess a great exterior design which is brought by mostly the parts transferred from the Accord. Apart from the lights and a few added details, it is virtually the same car but the 2016 Honda Spirior is going to manage to stand on its own and add to its own standalone status.

Interior concept

The interior of the 2016 Honda Spirior will be designed in the same fashion as the Accord is. We do have a lot of similarities inside as well but there are a lot more parts which separate these two models on the inside than there are on the outside. First of all, the design is similar but not completely the same as this is the part where the Spirior also borrows from some other Honda models and not just this one. But it is the technological additions that have been made that separate the cars from each other.


The added features which the 2016 Honda Spirior model receives includes a 7.0-inch touchscreen, better materials and higher quality seats, raise 60:40 split collapsing seats, and also there are going to be some newly added colors to enhance the atmosphere on the inside as well. The dash also has a  fake carbon-fiber trim board with shine dark inside touches and there is also going to be compatibility with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available as well.

Engine performance

The 2016 Honda Spirior is going to add quote an appropriate engine offer with a 4-cylinder  i-VTEC 2.4l petrol engine under its hood. The offered engine has a direct fuel injection feature and will be able to produce 190 hp as offered. The enhanced shifting abilities that the engine is going to receive are going to be prompted with the addition of a DCT 8-speed gearbox which comes as standard.


Release date and price

The newly announced 2016 Honda Spirior is going to arrive to the market this year. The vehicle is prompting for its official release in China first which is going to be the main market of this car. The release date is scheduled for the end of the year and after that there are going to be some releases made to the markets where the Accord is not offered. This way they are hoping to promote the car at different markets and raise the popularity of Honda. The price starts at $22,105 as a base MSRP offer for this model.



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