Back in old days, Lincoln was one of the best American car manufacturers. The last version of this car was released in 2002, and the line has been broken since then, but it is most certainly coming back, with plenty of aces up its sleeve.

Every now and then some information about the new 2016 Lincoln Continental comes out. There are a couple of spy photos, announcements and some speculations about the car, but what we can say with the most certainty is that, when it finally comes out, it is going to be one of the most beautiful cars in its class.

2016 Lincoln Continental is going to be a car that explodes with class, elegant, with high end, top of the class performance.

2016 Lincoln Continental side

2016 Lincoln Continental Interior

The concept of the 2016 Lincoln Continental Interior is imagined so good, that it hurts because you are not able to get but just to look at it. It has full leather interior that includes the steering wheel, dashboard and seats all covered with high class, ultra durable leather.

2016 Lincoln Continental interior steering

2016 Lincoln Continental

It is a concept for a new age car, and it will of course have all kinds of gadgets and touch screens, wide windshield for wide angle of view, seatbelts integrated with seats and four comfortable seats with LED lightning. It is going to have THX sound system fitted into the car which assures the perfect feel of sound around you, left for you to enjoy in.

The commands are going to be centered on your voice, and the use of touch screens is going to be minimalist.

2016 Lincoln Continental open

Here is the list of product that will help you clean your car’s interior.

2016 Lincoln Continental Exterior

The line of a 2016 Lincoln Continental exterior is going to very simple. It is going to be a big vehicle, stable on the road, built for long joyful rides. Having in mind the size of a vehicle it is going to be very comfortable, four doors (presumably with suicide doors), elegant limousine.

Led headlights with neon are going to use as parking light too, square front grill with well known Lincoln logo and huge rims. Big rims are logical decision, having in mind the size of a car, but also a good design solution for a more expensive and elegant look.

2016 Lincoln Continental front side

2016 Lincoln Continental Engine

Many have certainly expected a powerful V-8 for 2016  Lincoln Continental engine, but no. The company is going to stick to 3.7 liter Cyclone V6 and maybe even replace it with a 2.3 liter Ecoboost four cylinder version. Top class version is going to be 3.5 liter Ecoboost V-6 taken from the current MKS.

It is going to come in front wheel drive and four wheel drive versions. 6 gear transmission could even be replaced with 9 gear automatic transmission which is more economical.

I presume that they will install the 9 gear version because the 10 gear version is only manufactured and used for rear wheel drive, and 9 gear for FWD and AWD. Production of that kind of transmission is going to start in the late 2015 and the beginning of 2016, just in time to be installed in 2016 Lincoln Continental.

2016 Lincoln Continental

Price and Release Date

Lincoln Continental has been released this year. The Price is quoted at just over $45000.




  1. I may have missed information about rear doors. The photos show what we once called ” Suicide Doors “, Is that correct?

  2. This is a hot car, I’ve road in the 60’s model. The killer suicide door will kill it for the new millennium. Personally the 4 cyl, with Eco boost, will do fine, I believe just as good as the 6, with out using as much fuel.

  3. I love the new look however i enjoy my old lincoln just the same i have 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and the newest i own is a 2012 MKT and i love that car as well

  4. I will have the convertible as soon as it comes out. AWD seems logical on a car this size. Hope they keep the tires under 18 inches


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