Debuting almost nine years ago, the first MKX brought much attention to it and enabling the Lincoln to gain lots of praise and appreciation from the fans. But over the years the hype of the MKX brand has been slowly toning down. The last model which came out in 2011 was not a satisfactory one as it only continued the slump which Lincoln’s MKX brand has been going through. But with the unveiling of the redesigned 2016 Lincoln MKX, we are confident that the brand is going to go back on the title track.

2016 Lincoln MKX side

The expectation for this vehicle has been sky high, especially when the first spy photos leaked and hit the net. After that it was only a matter of time when the redesigned Lincoln MKX was going to appear. The story went down to the year 2016 and the Detroit Motor Show when the newest MKX has officially been revealed in all of its glory. The first impressions were pretty great and the assumptions about the vehicle’s future are very positive, giving the MKX brand another chance.

What has been changed for the newest 2016 Lincoln MKX was the design of the vehicle. The redesign features something what we may have assumed when seeing the spy photos. A new silhouette and lots of design changes have been made, leaving the new MKX a sportier look with a bit of a corporate addition to it.

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2016 Lincoln MKX Exterior

What immediately pops into our heads when we want to describe the new MKX is that it is a lot more sportier and dynamic looking. This means that Lincoln has started learning from the rival companies which have gradual surpassed the past design of the MKX and have hit the nail right on the head with this one.

2016 Lincoln MKX grill

The new inclusions are a new sloping roof combined with muscular rear fenders. The rear apron is also different with a much larger and now rectangular exhaust system to complete the design of the vehicle. With a wraparound tailgate the top it off, the redesigned version of the 2016 MKX is complete, but we have to say that most of these upgrades have been taken from, or rather kept, 2014 MKX concept which debuted previous this vehicle.

2016 Lincoln MKX rear

To conclude, the exterior design is perhaps the first thing which needed to be changed and, as we can see here, that downfall has been surpassed. The vehicle is much more meaner looking which has to be the style of this type of car and we must say that it suits it well.

2016 Lincoln MKX rear side


What the interior of the new 2016 MKX brings us as a business atmosphere characteristic from a Lexus vehicle. The new Lexus MKX is now a highly regarded luxury vehicle, with updated technological and safety features and with the addition of some refined closely arranged details with comfy leather coatings. This was actually expected from Lexus as their trademark has always been style and luxury and they more than exemplify it with this vehicle.

Inside you may have a chance to enjoy the 22-way power front seats which are a heaven to drive in and also make your trip more fun with a premium Revel audio system. The enhanced safety features of the car include an automatic parallel and perpendicular parking, a 360-degree camera system, pre-collision assist and cross-traffic alert with many things more. This is perhaps one of the safest cars on the road and the added gadgets certainly largely help it to be.

2016 Lincoln MKX front side

The added feature is concerned with the comfort and includes a high grade leather covers which the covers the majority of the inside, at least the parts which are not metal or wood. All in all, this is a pretty good look for the inside but the only remark is that it looks more like an upgrade or rather a facelift and not a redesign, as the style has remained mostly the same and with the added technological or aesthetic features as an upgrade.

2016 Lincoln MKX seats rear


When it comes to what’s under the hood of the 2016 Lexus MKX, there are two options. Drivers will also have the opportunity to choose between having a two-wheel or an all-wheel drive installed in their cars. Depending on you like the engine specs your options are open for the new Lexus car.

You can either use a 3.7-liter V-6 which is a familiar face when it comes to Lexus vehicles and something which has been already tried and what works good. It can achieve a power of 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. The second option includes a 2.7-liter, EcoBoost V-6 engine choice, which can enable you to achieve 330 horsepower and 370 pound-feet per torque. Add a six-speed automatic transmission system to the mix, and you get a pretty good setup for the new Lexus car.

2016 Lincoln MKX engine

Price and Release Date

Well the 2016 Lexus MKX has had its official debut at the Detroit show but the actual release date of the production model has not been unveiled there. Until now no information has emerged regarding the exact date so we shall have to wait some more to receive that actual and precise date.

2016 Lincoln MKX wheel

As for the pricing of the vehicle, the base model costs around $32,000, while the additional add-ons and the optional upgrades of the car will raise its price to a maximum of $34,000, which is the price for the higher trim levels.


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