Another full size SUV built by Ford Motor Company is getting some updates this year. This time that is a luxury SUV, Lincoln Navigator.

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Lincoln Navigator was firstly introduced as a 1998 model. Navigator was actually Ford’s first SUV and first 4WD vehicle they have produced. The platform they were using for this vehicle has been used for Ford Expedition a year prior to the release of Navigator. There are lots of elements that make Navigator different from Expedition including the exterior, interior and some other features. Judging by the type of shared platform, one can easily assume that this vehicle is huge. In fact, Lincoln Navigator is the biggest vehicle, Lincoln has in offer.

In this review we are going to visit some of the facts and rumors surrounding the new 2016 Lincoln Navigator, including the engine specs, interior, exterior, release date and price. Enjoy!

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Exterior of 2016 Lincoln Navigator

The idea for the design of 2016 Lincoln Navigator exterior is quite old, but the materials are all new. We’ve been already writing some things about this subject but it has to be revisited regularly. It is unavoidable. Almost all new cars are the direct traditional descendants of some legendary cars. And those legendary cars need new markets and new buyers. That is the main reason of implementing some new technologies.

2016 Lincoln Navigator front side

Whether are those changes cosmetic or functional, they are there only to draw new customers. Although these big trucks already have their customers, companies want more. Only thing that was a problem in finding new customers was the fuel consumption. The new way in dealing that problem is finding new lighter materials to built this big machines. The idea in hand is the combination of aluminum and steel. And with the use of those materials, Ford is certainly going to get new customers. Because of the implementation of aluminum and steel, designers found some new ideas and had to change the platform.

We don’t know the exact measurements or the design cues but we know what to expect on the basis of new Lincoln MKX looks. There will not be some serious changes in style, since Lincoln hasn’t changed the style of navigator since… never. We can expect some minor changes due to the change of platform and they will mainly be in the look of bumpers, hood, headlights and taillights. You can expect the use of HID or LED technology in the final design of headlights.

2016 Lincoln Navigator rear side


Judging by some rumors and already confirmed designs for other vehicles of the same manufacturer, we are expecting very spacious interior with full leather multifunctional seats, elegant dashboard with central infotainment screen, dual climate independent control, quality audio system, front and reverse camera and more. Who know what kind of technology can popup in the next few years? We can just imagine.

When talking about space in 2016 Lincoln Navigator interior, it will be made for up to eight passengers with seats in three rows. That is the reason for dual climate control, with totally independent air-conditioning for the back rows.

2016 Lincoln Navigator interior

2016 Lincoln Navigator change gear

Engine Specs

According to some sources, 2016 Lincoln Navigator will come out without the current V-8 engine. In fact, Lincoln is going with a hybrid for this one. In order to improve the fuel economy and to be nature friendly, 2016 Lincoln Navigator engine is going to a 3.0 liter V6 EcoBoost turbo engine. Unofficially it is going to be paired with 10 speed automatic transmission, Ford is working on right now.

2016 Lincoln Navigator front grill

2016 Lincoln Navigator Price and Release Date

There are no official prices, hell there are no official statements about many things about this vehicle and yet, there is some information so we can connect the dots. If we are right, the price will be somewhere between 35,000 and 49,000 dollars for a base model. 2016 Lincoln Navigator release date is expected for the late 2016 or early 2017.


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