2016 Lincoln Town Car is a luxury sedan, sold by Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company since 1981. Some of previous models were made as (or converted to) stretched limousines, which were most commonly used limousines in the United States and Canada. The main reason for that is its dimensions. It is officially the largest car in production in North America.

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The 2016 Lincoln Town Car is just a concept. It hasn’t made it to the assembly line yet. So there will be quite a number of changeable details from this day until the finale release. Concept of 2016 Lincoln Town Car was announced on the 2015 New York Motor Show. Although we are going to show some of the details found about this vehicle, there are no concrete evidences for any of the speculations we found on the Internet or by our sources, so we advise you not to receive this entire review as a final version of predictions, but rather as some kind of preview of things to come. The details we are going to research for you in this review are the 2016 Lincoln Town Car engine specs, interior, exterior, price and a possible release date.

2016 Lincoln Town Car

2016 Lincoln Town Car Exterior

Lincoln hopes that it can transfer from the premium buyers to the top of the food chain. It is still very hard to predict anything about the 2016 Lincoln Town Car exterior in this moment, but driven by the previous experience, we expect better more modern bodywork with new, one part grille, new xenon headlights with LED frame and redesigned taillights. Body should be a bit lighter, doors equipped with automatic retractable door knobs and E-Latch door system which makes opening and closing doors much easier and quieter, etc.

2016 Lincoln Town Car roof

2016 Lincoln Town Car Interior

Inside of this A class legend we will most certainly get the top notch equipment, judging by the looks of 2016 Lincoln Continental.

2016 Lincoln Town Car interior will have the highest class of leather seats with the mixture of leather and wood upholstery for the dashboard. Central MyLincoln touch screen is going to be your gateway to all of the functions this car has in offer for you. With it, you will be able to control the infotainment system, climate, navigation, smart phones, 360 degrees camera and much more. The 2016 Lincoln Town Car will also be available with enhanced park assist, pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection system.

2016 Lincoln Town Car interior

2016 Lincoln Town Car seats

Here is the list of product that will help you clean your car’s interior.


2016 Lincoln Town Car Engine options have not yet been officially confirmed but since this is a very large and heavy vehicle it will need huge amount of power. The base version is most certainly going to use Ford’s all new EcoBoost V6. It is going to be a 3.5 liter engine controlled with a six speed automatic transmission. Power output is going to be 365 horsepower. Alongside this one, they will probably offer more options, more powerful options like some eight cylinder engine. That are all speculations. Maybe they are going to make 2016 Lincoln Town Car with aluminum and steel, thus making it more fuel efficient and accessible to the greater public. We don’t know. But we are going to update you as soon as we find out something useful.

2016 Lincoln Town Car engine

2016 Lincoln Town Car Price and Release Date

Only sure thing in this whole story is that Lincoln plans to launch its new flagship for 2016. That can be either 2016 Lincoln Town Car or 2016 Lincoln MKS, nobody knows. Maybe they are going to stick only to 2016 Lincoln Continental. Because of those uncertainties, we cannot make any assumptions about the release date and price. Stick with us, and we are going to provide you with any new data we find.


  1. myself and many like me are tired of waiting for either new tc or continental…i have had 11 consecutive lincolns…but am now tired of the wait

  2. I have had 15 town cars and the one I am still driving is 2008 with 110,000
    miles. Car is absolutely wonderful but I am tired of waiting for new TC or Continental. Get with it Lincoln! I am starting to think about your competitor
    (Cadillac). Lets bring out the new TC or Continental because your other cars are just overgrown Fords. You are losing your faithful customers who want
    a large car!!!

  3. Instead of calling it a Lincoln how bout an Obama or Bush or Clinton
    or Ford or ????????? HEY HOW BOUT THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!
    LET’S veto the whole 2016 Lincoln

  4. hello my name is grant philpot and i want to know how much is a new right hand drive town car in new zealand dollars fair veiw ford hamilton city

  5. Lincoln really, what’s the hold up and where’s your confidence, it’s hard to believe TC’s are not being made anymore, you’re really behind in time with luxury and RWD V8 TC’s, to be a owner of 3 TC’s, Lincoln has really failed the USA, please get with it for your loyal clients you can do it, but we will not keep waiting!

  6. I agree. Lincoln made a huge error discontinuing the Town Car. Being a limo driver, there is nothing other than the classic town car for a livery service. The clients absolutely love them. Please do not delay much longer before Cadillac takes over.


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