There have been many rumors about a 2016 RX-9 being released and we finally have some news to go upon. After its long awaited yearly release, news have surfaced that an RX-9 model is along the way earlier than anticipated at first. This all lead us to believe that a 2016 model is possible and that we are finally going to get the long awaited sports car which is a successor to the RX-7 and RX-8 models that already brought a lot of fame to Mazda.

As we are none that sure that the car is really going to appear now more in-depth analysis shows that the model is gearing first for a concept model which is prepared for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show. This model will appear as scheduled, as they have announced, but they failed to make note on when that schedule actually is. It brings us to think that a more appropriate release date is going to be the upcoming 100th year anniversary of Mazda as they need to prepared and bring the fans something special. A new Mazda RX-9 model will certainly do the trick.


The model is going to feature various kinds of updates and a very powerful powertrain as well. Weight reduction is a big must, and compared to the current RX-8 model they are planning to cut the weight of the car as much as possible. This is a sports car and speed is what most are concerned about so the designers are making their best to ensure that speed is what the car gets. Here are some genuine information within our review that have resurfaced about the latest 2016 Mazda RX-9 model.

Exterior Design Announcements

There are currently not many news to go on for the exterior of the 2016 Mazda RX-9. But the bottom line is that the car is going to be reshaped and remodeled significantly. They are not excluding all the parts which make this model appear familiar to the fans and they are going to keep much of it as the model is prepared. The car is going to resemble the RX-7 and RX-8 models and will be as much as a continuation of those models as well as presenting a standalone vehicle. You can view it as a natural evolution of these models which are going to take their natural course in development.

As far as weight reduction goes they are using advanced technology to make this happen. The car will undergo a slimming down program which will in turn expand the power and make the car much more maneuverable as well as light on its fit. They plan to enhance the power as well as address some fuel economy features as well.


The projected weight for the exterior of the 2016 Mazda RX-9 is set to 2,204 pounds or 1,300 kilos . They are planning to make it as light as possible and also at the same time address some aerodynamic features which the car has been struggling with. All in all, the mentioned improvement are going to help improve the car by a margin.

Interior Changes and Updates

The interior of the 2016 Mazda RX-9 is the least speculated part of the car. There is not much information to go on for the inside of the car as it is still being developed or they are keeping it to a low key for now. Yet we do expect to see a very sporty environment on the inside. Although the current look of the RX-8 is a good one we can hope for a total reshaping of the inside by adding some sporty elements which will make the car both appealing and comfortable to use in high speeds. We also prefer seeing some aluminum inserts which are going to enhance  the appearance.


Reportedly, there are going to be added sports elements such as a new steering wheel, which is going to enable better handling at high speeds. Racing buckers seats will also be incorporated which are going to be bolstered to provide support for your back and enable better riding comfort at the provided speeds. Also expect to see some very nice materials which re going to be graced with different kinds of stitching and sports elements on the inside.

Engine Option and Performance

Of course the most important part about the 2016 Mazda RX-9 sports car is its engine. There were a lot of debates about this but it was recently confirmed that Mazda is developing a new engine which will appear used for the RX-9 for the first time. The said engine is the 1.6-liter twin-rotary engine which comes with turbocharging and compression ignition. There are not exact specs for the engine for now but the expectations are said that the model is planned to reach 400 horsepwoer.


The first news about the model came as a hybrid engine with electric turbocharging was going to be used. But that idea was scrapped and a new one came along as the people from Mazda decided to prepare a little bit better and come up with a whole new engine setup for the car. This is a far better choices as we feel and we are sure that it will bring much more power to the RX-9 car.

Price and Release Date

As already mentioned, the concept model for the 2016 Mazda RX-9 is scheduled for release at the next Tokyo Show. But a real live production version is still a bit far away. The best we can hope fore the car making it to the 100-year anniversary of Mazda, which is the projected and expected release date. The designers will certainly do their best to make this happen and we are probably looking at a 2020 release for the production version of the vehicle.


As far as pricing is concerned, there are not indications of the model receiving a price tag for now. Figures are going to appear as more information emerges but for now no added price for the car is available. You are not going to get it cheap that is for sure and as it is going to rival such models as Audi TT or the Nissan 370Z, the cost of this car will surpass the 50,000 dollars mark for sure.



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