Berlin hasn’t made a clear announcement of how many of this edition models of the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT it is going to deliver to the market and when it is going to release them. Besides expecting standard features on the exterior which we expect to include a front grille of diamond possibly with fins, door mirrors in glossy black, bigger front splitter and wheel arch flics, and black trim along the side sills, a non-movable rear wing, a roof made from carbon fiber, black exhaust pipes as well as light weight alloy wheels made from aluminum. On the interior fans will also have something to smile about, the 1st edition GTS will score black Nappa leather combined with red contrast stitching. This car will definitely leave its spectators with much to anticipate from the German manufacturer.

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2016 Mercedes AMG GT Interior

When it comes to the interior of this amazingly new 2016 Mercedes AMG GT. The car will not be an all sportier car but will have the features of a sporty one but will practically be a grand tourer. The seats seem comfortable enough possessing enormously thought after lateral support, an infotainment system is not left out and is also included in the base version while the audio system will make use of a modern inspired surround sound technological system.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT interior

2016 Mercedes AMG GT Exterior

When it comes to the exterior of the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT, it seems more of a SLS. The stretching hood which ends at the back and joins with the curvy hind which also gives us something from the past, the model closely resembles an early 1970s fast back. The alloy wheels will be 19 inches in the front while at the back they will be 20 inches. These tires will be sporty in order to keep up with the acceleration as well as maximum top speed.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT front

2016 Mercedes AMG GT light


When we come to the powertrain, two models will be made available for the AMG GT. The first offered will be a 4L turbocharged twin engine which will use petrol with 460 HP and a maximum of 440 lb-ft of torque. Unlike close competitors in the market it will make use of a hot intake system.

The GTS comparatively will boast of a 510 HP and 480 lb-ft of torque translating to a more acceleration of up to 3.7 seconds and 60 mph while having a maximum speed of 190 miles per hour. The twin engines will come with a 7 speed twin clutch semi-automatic AMG gearbox which will aid in keeping the balance of the car. The only different component lacking in the other version is the electronically controlled limited slip differential. It will be available on the GT-S as a standard feature.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT engines

Safety features

Safety components have also been incorporated in the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT which include but not limited to high-beam assist adaptation, head on collision prevention assist plus, adaptive braking, and attention assist, parktronic automatic reverse parking combined with rear view camera to assist in the reversing.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT front side

2016 Mercedes AMG GT price and release date

The release date for the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT hasn’t been officially announced as yet but then Mercedes has made apparently made an attempt to make it available towards the end 2015. The price is projected to at least $120,000 or even more for the base version model and is expected to be very competitive in its market niche.


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