2016 Toyota Celica Review

Toyota has managed to finally make all the arrangements for the 2016 Toyota Celica model to be designed. This marks the comeback of one of the more legendary brands the company has produced and a vehicle which has been off the market for quite some time. Even with the absence, the model was a coveted one and its popularity never subsided and it is reported to raise even further with the release of the upcoming model.

2016 Toyota Celica exterior

This has been a model which was greatly desired by all of the speed fantastic interested in cars. The vehicle has been a steady and appreciated model through its career and always put out some massive specs and performance rates. This has marked the model as one of the popular models that ever came from the Toyota company. But unfortunately the lower updates and the changes brought with some of its former release did more bad than good.

Finally we are in for a comeback as Toyota felt it is the right time to return. The speculations have been announced for a while now and besides the spy photos there have been a lot of pictures released about the car. It is finally time to see what the end product is going to be and how they have finally decided to update it. Keep reading the review for more news about the 2016 Toyota Celica.


The exterior of the 2016 Toyota Celica is made to fit both the old crowd and bring in some new ones. Mainly, it is a modernistic car and features all of the modern features and additions you would expect to see from a model like this one, but the car manages to retain some of its features that were seen on some previous models. This is going to help the car keep its name and enable it to still be recognizable as a Celica.

2016 Toyota Celica side view

What the designers have included is a very appealing and tempting look. The sleek and at the same time handsome look of the car is a very welcoming one and brings about all the necessary tools you need from a model like this one. Also you get a lot of innovative changes to make it even faster. The aerodynamic styling is apparent and is going to provide better performance out of the car.

2016 Toyota Celica rear view

Most of the design features are based on the Toyota 86 model and add the elements transferred from it. Thus you have a bumper with integrated headlights, which is surrounded with HID reflector-beam headlights. The LED daytime running lights are a standard addition as well. The hood has some air-intakes added which enables the evening to breath more. Besides the LED taillights in the back, there is a new spoiler design used as well.


The inside of the 2016 Toyota Celica fits with the overall picture of the whole car and adds some classy but appropriate elements on the interior. The inside of the Celica is going to be pretty rich in detail and adds a lot of new and interesting elements. These mainly concern the comfort of the car and make it so the car has more room inside as well. The most that the car offers concerns the materials as there are soft touch materials throughout the cabin and new upholstery on the seats.

2016 Toyota Celica interior

The power sport seats are upholster wit premium leather and raise the comfort level and additional have heating and ventilation functions. The dashboard design has also changed and is something new that we have not yet seen in a Celica model. It reminded us a bit on the older ones but is generally unique and has the elements that make it completely new. Add to that the infotainment and entertainment technology and we get a full and complete aspect that the car needs. The connectivity features are perhaps the most important part here and make it like your new and everyday modern vehicle.


As before, the performance of the 2016 Toyota Celica is going to be its main selling point. When you consider this car you always think of speed and great performance rates so it is no wonder that you will immediately look up the specs when you hear that the new Celica is out. This brings us to, of course, what is under the hood. The model features a brand new  1.8 liter inline 4 cylinder engine that makes 140 horsepower or 189 horsepower. There are some indications that they may provide a hybrid version and that there are going to be further additions to the powertrain. None of it has been confirmed but the already finely sculptured Celica does not mind receiving an added engine or at least an update that is going to make it perform at 140 horsepower or 189 horsepower.

2016 Toyota Celica engine

Release date and price

The model has been expected for a long time already but the release date for the 2016 Toyota Celica is finally near. The car is promised to be out this year and will be released between the middle and later part of the year. The car has been said that it will be priced around  $30,000 but it may go higher than that if you count the features and equipment that my get to be used.




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