The 2016 Volkswagen CrossBlue is finally going to make an appearance this year. It has been in the works for a long time already and the manufacturing of the car was kept tightly under wraps so it comes as a big announcement when it is released. The model was announced as a concept model back in 2013and was also showcased for the public at a certain auto show. The reviews for the car were mixed at first but ultimately it was clear that a CrossBlue model would be a good choice for the public to have.

VW had a great idea of introducing a three-row SUV to the world. The CrossBlue model is the incarnation of that idea and it all started at a concept first. This was supposed to be their flagship vehicle and the production was scheduled to be in their production plant in Tennessee. But the production took too long and the car was stuck in production for a longer time than predicted that it would have. After the announcement of the concept there were a few bumps in the row which delayed the production level car from appearing.


This year is finally the time when the VW CrossBlue is supposed to make its appearance. It was first of all confirmed with the spy photos which, although showed us a camouflaged car, also showcased a near finished model. All those teaser images that we were getting are now making a whole lot of sense and we can even comprise a review based on the recent information so we prepare for the release date.

2016 VW CrossBlue Exterior Design

Based on the recent information, the exterior of the 2016 Volkswagen CrossBlue will utilize the use of a new platform. They are going to introduce new underpinnings for the vehicles and are adding a version of the MQB platform, which can be very versatile in its use. This piece is an oversized one compared to the usual use of this platform as it is also a part of the Golf vehicle but with shorter dimensions. There we can see how versatile this platform can actually get. It brings together all the necessary pieces to at the same time be a good model for a Golf car, but also manage a great setup for a three-row SUV model as well.


The length of the car is going to total 196.3 inches and will also bring the costs of making this platform to a minimum because it is first of all light but strong and also is supposed to be used for some other models in the VW lineup. The looks of the car are not going to differ too much from the concept version. They are using this for the basis and are adding some elements that have been seen in recent VW models. These mainly include the headlight design which is a bit different and also they are making the majority of the car more production friendly compared to the concept of course.

Interior Setup

Based on the new platform the 2016 VW CrossBlue is supposed to be using, there is going to be a lot of space on the inside. The car is going to be able to take in 7 people across the three rows of seating it is being equipped with. The interior spacing is a big part of the design of the car and it will come in loads, making the inside a very comfortable setting for the passengers.


The interior also features some luxuriously design pieces, starting from the dash and all the way to the seats. They incorporate the sue of the latest technological features and compared to the concept model they are updating the inside very much. On the central panel you can see the  TFT screen, where you can access all the infotainment controls and also apply the needed safety features and all the technological information. A 10.2-inch touch-screen display is the center piece of the central console and allows for better and quicker usage of the inside.

The interior is also adding some great materials to update the comfort. You can see aluminum pieces throughout the cabin and at the same time there are leather seats to give you all the comfort you need. The cargo bay can be expanded further more and can allow you added comfort by carrying a larger load. You get 12.7 cubic feet storage as a basis and with the seats folded down it expands to  78 cubic feet.

Powertrain Specs and Engine Capability


There is a great air of mystery surrounding the powertrain option of the 2016 Volkswagen CrossBlue. For now there were announcements of multiple engines as well as a hybrid option as well. The  4- and 6-cylinder options are in the mix and we are not going to be surprised if these are backed with en electronic hybrid powerplant. Most probably we are going to end up with a Turbo-diesel variant, namely the 2.0-liter four-cylinder displacement which goes with a 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. On each axis there is probably going to be an electronic motor as well. The output thus comes to 190 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque with the front motor supplying 54 hp and 133 pound-feet of torque and teh rear one 114 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque, all combining for an output of 305 hp and 526 pound-feet of torque in total. The acceleration to 0-60 mph is estimated to be achieved in around 7 seconds and the top speed is going to be 130 mph. The fuel economy ratings have also been estimated to 33 mpg city drive, 37 mpg highway drive.

Release Date and Price


The coming year will mark the coming of the 2016 Volkswagen CrossBlue. The model was supposed to be a 2016 year release but as it appears we might perhaps get it in the start of 2017. So expect the car to appear in January of 2017 with a starting price of around 32,000 dollars.


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