New 2016 ZiL Limo - Russian automobile

Being a president of a state is a very important job, being a president of a country like Russia is a more important job. This kind of position in the world comes with its benefits but with its struggles as well. One of them is certainly safety issues that a person who is the head of the stat like Russia needs to understand, and it the current head of state, being a former KGB officer, certainly understands this.

This is why a special kind of a ride is needed to indulge the needs of the Russian head of state and Putin will not ride in any old limo, so for the purposes of safety and luxury ZiL have taken on themselves to provide the president with the most appropriate choice.

New 2016 ZiL Limo - Russian automobile

The initial problem was that ZiL have not built a limo for quite some time now and have been concentrating on some different issues and it was a surprising choice that the makers of the president’s ride will change from a Mercedes C-class to a Russian manufacturer of heavy equipment.

ZiL (or “Zavod imeni Likhachova”) is actually a Russian manufacturing firm which is famous for making first and foremost armored vehicles, among which are primarily tanks and amphibious vehicles.

Old vs new Zil limo

But a company like this is perhaps a great choice as what better way to protect a Russian diplomat than putting him in an armored luxury vehicle. The new limo which has been made in 2016 is a prime choice for Putin or any other world president in fact and combines not just safety, but luxury and fine craftsmanship to boot.

2016 ZiL Limo Exterior

New 2016 ZiL Limo for Putin

The exterior design has actually quite an uncommon fashion sense to the 21st century vehicle. It does not look like anything like you have ever seen before and it actually looks like a armored limo. The 2016 ZiL limo offers everything what it promised to do, safety and protection, as the outer design has been layered with armored casings which will protect the people inside from a nuclear attack even. Well not really a nuclear attack, but let say that no one will be forcefully entering in this limo any time soon.

The edges have been made in an uncommon fashion with some sharp edges and corners, It is not a beauty, that is certain to say, but its usefulness surpasses its aesthetic features. The car has been modeled against some American limos from the 1970s and compared to them is very similar in style. Also the size of the car is very long and opulent.

2016 zil limousine headlights


The limo gives quite a presence on the road and it immediately tells us that somebody important is riding in side. Well in this case the person is going to be Putin, so importance may not get higher than that.

2016 ZiL Limo Interior

The interior is fit of a king, or in this case a president. The interior is actually kept as a well preserved secret as the person who is going to ride in it. It is no mystery that the inside of the car has not been released and the only things that we have been given are the pictures of the outside of the ZiL limo.

2016 Zil limo interior

The Egyptian pharaohs would bury their servants within the pyramid with them after they complete the building of the traps that protect the treasure of their king inside the pyramid, so the secret is safe and preserved. Well we live in a much more civilized times and the builders of the car have not been put in the trunk of it, but this does not leave us with many information to go with as well.

putin ZiL limousine interior

We can only assume what gadgets accessories lie inside and what are the additions that the president is going to be given. The thing which is safe to assume is that the most modern technological features will be included which a person like the head of a state needs.

So we are not sure if the “red button” is inside there somewhere but it is safe to say that only the most important materials will be included for the interior. A man who runs a country enormous as Russia will need a place to relax while driving to the next important meeting for sure.

2016 ZiL Limo Engine

A powerful car needs a powerful engine and one which will come under the hood of the 2016 ZIL limo is the 7.7-liter engine which is estimated to give enough power for this luxury vehicle, We are still not sure about the specs of the car as they have not been released as of yet, but it is not something to be taken lightly.

2016 zil limousine rear

The car will need to surpass a lot of obstacles, hopefully not bombs or anything like that, but the power is something necessary. The engine will be combined with a six-speed automatic transmission system which goes well paired with he mentioned engine.


This car does not come cheap. The ZiL limo is somewhere in the equivalence of the luxury Maybach or Rolls Royce limos and has the price tag to boost its claim. The car is estimated to cost around 1.5 million US dollars and maybe even more as we are not sure what all the gadgets and accommodations go inside, we are not sure as to the price. But the car is certainly something worth all the money with the safety and luxury it provides.


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