The new models coming out from BMW have introduced a 2017 BMW 440i option for us this year. You would think that based on the name this model is a 4.0-litre BMW 4-series, but in fact it is a model which uses a 3.0-litre, turbocharged engine and manages to add extra power with 20 horsepower more than the old 435i model. With tithe introduction of the new 4 Series models from BMW things have been shaken up a little bit and the last model which went under the name 435i will from now on be known as the 440i, or the old 428i has been transferred to 430i and so on.

BMW’s 4 Series coupe vehicles are considered as one of the best models that the German automaker has made. It is also a recent introduction to the team having been only added in 2013. These cars have replaced the 3 Series models that came before it because BMW decided to split their brand into two-door and four-door models. All of the new BMW 4 Series cars have received a standard updated and redesign for their interior and exterior, but what is even more important is that the brand has been given a turbocharged six-cylinder instead of the previous naturally aspirated V-8.

The previous incarnation of BMW 440i has been on the market for almost three years now without being changed. This is going to be a mid-cycle facelift for the brand, or at least that is what the pictures show us. The car has already been spotted and recorded as the pictures of the camouflaged version are already circling the net. The spy photos give away to very good looking design and an interesting car which will continue the legacy of BMW vehicles the brand has been known for.


Exterior Redesign

The most important changes for the 2017 BMW 440i version are going to come in the front and rear fascias. The rest of the car will perhaps remain unchanged but the most significant updates are going to be made here. The test versions shows us a car which has heavy camo covering the front and the rear of the car. The overall shape of the bumper and the headlamps is going to remain the same, but the lower apron is going to go through some significant changes that are going to be made. There are going to be new surrounds for the fog lamps with openings going towards the center of the bumper. The lower grille is also getting an added horizontal bar while the headlights are updated with new graphics.

The rear end of the car is supposed to get similar changes. The bumper is going to be revised in the same way as the front one and the headlights are also going to end up with new graphics. It will keep the car competitive and will certainly give it a fresher look compared to before. Everything else for the car is almost the same and it will be carried over to the next model. As far as color palettes goes, it was announced that there are going to be some new choices for the latest BMW 440i model.


Interior Updates

The interior update for the 2017 BMW 440i is going to be made similarly as the latest updates for previous BMW cars. This also indicates that the facelift is going to be done with the majority of the inside carried over and only a few changes introduced. The most important and also necessary improvement compared to the  previous model is the updated infotainment system whcih comes with a completely redesigned menu. There are bound to be some added apps and tech improvements as well which are going to enhance the entertainment factor of the car.

A necessary part are also the updated upholsteries which are going to be enhanced. There is going to be a choice of more trim options now but do not expect the overall design of the cabing to change. Everything will remain the same but there are going to be some expanded and new kinds of materials used. All in all, we expect the BMW 440i to be a very big and competitive contender in teh upcoming season.


Powerplant Changes

There are going to be several changes introduced for the powertrain of the 2017 BMW 440i model. These are going to include the change from the previous naturally aspired V-8 engine into a  twin-turbocharged, 3.0-liter, inline-six engine. This is going to be an all-aluminum engine which is going to reduce weight as well and enhance the power of the vehicle at the same time. The previous 435i is now going to be called the current 440i and will crank up the power to 320 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque, compared to the previous 300 horses and 300 pound-feet.


Release Date and Price

The car is being offered in the home market of Germany where the fans of the 2017 BMW 440i are going to be able to get their hands first on the car. The car sales start by the start of the year which will place the US release somewhere in the middle of the year. Thus expect to get your car by mid-2017 when the release date is pitted. The price is Europe stats at €37,500, so it means that the price in the US will be at around $42,000, not differing too much from the current base MSRP price of $41,650 for the outgoing vehicles.



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