2017 BMW M5 Review

The 2017 BMW M5 is trying to reinvent itself by bringing in something that all of us would not dream for this model to get. In fact, an all-wheel drive variant  for the M5 was considered as something impossible before but it appears that it is going to become a reality with the latest model and next generation which has already been confirmed. Besides this, it has been confirmed that the upcoming M5 model is also being tested with a with xDrive and it is all going to become available next year as the release date states.

2017 BMW M5 front view

The original model was actually considered as a model which easily accepted innovations so it is no wonder that the AWD system gets to be introduced to this model. This caw was in fact the first to receive turbochargers on every single engine and also add a  front-wheel-drive BMW. One of the first steps that the M-branded BMW model made was switched from a naturally-aspirated, high-revving, V-10 engine to a twin-turbocharged V-8. They also brought in an M division SUV model, which was the first of its kind as well, so it is not wonder that BMW is steadily lowering the number of its old-school models in favor of the rapidly expanding ones which include an AWD system.

2017 BMW M5 rear view

We will still have to wait at least a year to receive all the new debits about the 2017 BMW M5 as at least the xDrive model is still being tested and we are hoping to receive the scores and the tests quite soon. This is going to bring us even closer to the next-generation M5 model and causes a reason for our review with all the cruelty available details given here. Read and make your own opinion about the car.

Exterior design

The exterior of the 2017 BMW M5 is still a mystery. But luckily there are some spy photos that have emerged and which show us how the model might look like. We do not have to speculate a lot as the design has been something that we have expected it to be. This is also going to transfer to the newest 2017 BMW 5 Series models that are also going to come out at the same time, but perhaps even before this one. There is certainly going to be a bigger and updated double kidney grille to the front and a revised bumper as well. The bumper will in fact be similar to the current and latest M5 design one and will not take that many changes into effect. BMW is planning to introduce a new design language which is perhaps going to make its debut with this model so it is accounts for all the secrecy the model is getting.

2017 BMW M5 exterior

Other additions include the now-classic M side gills and there are going to be some new lightweight rims with a new design that are going to be 20-inch ones and will add a beefier braking system. The rear end is going to adopt a four-exit exhaust system with double tips protruding at the sides. There is also the addition of an aerodynamic diffuser and a traditional L-shaped taillights but in a slightly restyled manner compared to before. And the final piece is a small lip spoiler which concludes the design.

Interior update

The interior of the 2017 BMW M5 is going to adopt the same kind of a redesign that we saw from the recently released BMW models. The new M variety models have been updated with all sorts of interesting features and are going to adopt a similar kind of a design in the future M5. Whether it is a RWD or AWD you can expect to see various M badges all over the seats and dash and various elements of the car. The models is also going to come with some racing bucket seats which are exclusive for this model as well and they come with exclusive Merino leather upholstery also, while optional ones include the semi-aniline leather. Also, one of the latest news is that the wheelbase of this model is going to be slightly longer, which is going to make the interior spacing a lot bigger which in turn gives us more comfort for the passengers inside.

2017 BMW M5 interior


The biggest news for the 2017 BMW M5 is that it is going to bring in a new AWD system for teh first time used for the car. But the xDrive is perhaps going to remain an optional choices for now. This may require some time of getting used to the fact that this model is going to be devised this way but the E63 AMG and S63 AMG that have been introduced to the United States already have one. Thus we can expect to see a  current twin-turbocharged V-8 with around 600 horsepower which is going to allow the M5 xDrive to offer super car specs and acceleration. It has also been announced that a ZF-sourced, eight-speed automatic is going to be untitled here, as it was an obvious choices being already used in the  X5M and X6M models.

2017 BMW M5 engine

Release date and price

Many things still have to be made known about the 2017 BMW M5, but the bottom line is that it is going to be available next year. If the development goes as planned we can expect to get the car at around the end of next season. The price is certainly going to pass the $100,000 mark, making it more expensive than the E63 AMG S and Audi RS7.




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