2017 Chevrolet Avalanche Review

The new Chevy pickup truck is out as they are preparing to release the new 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche model. With the recently growing pickup truck market, Chevrolet has been trying to get into the mix and get some of the action coming from there. Thus besides some of the new models that have been appearing recently on the market, the Avalanche is going to get a refreshing new look which is going to provide it with more fame and fortune than it had before.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche exterior, side view, alloy wheels

The scheduled changes that are going to appear here mainly concern the exterior look of the car as they are making some added features and are reshaping the car to be much more modern looking. As the ever growing and now increasingly competitive market is getting higher rates each year we are expecting to see a lot more innovative and modern parts to the vehicles which promise to make them look much more contemporary and also enable them to keep their competitive nature.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche rear view, taillights and tailpipe

A lot of the improvements that are made to the 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche are going to consider the lighter materials that are going to come into play here. The truck is going to concentrate more on becoming more fuel efficient and is going to add more power that way as well. This is a trend that many models have been considering and the Avalanche is just one of them that is going to get this type of reshaping.

We have conducted our research and comprised a review which holds the latest information about the Chevy Avalanche model. We consider the car is going to get a prime treatment and will attract a large base of new audience new. Read all about our opinion down below and also learn something about the possible release date of the car.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche engine and performance

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche engine

But the most important part of each vehicle is in fact what is under the hood and the same goes for the 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche model. The car is getting updated with a great engine setup that will support the basic needs that the needs. The titled engine that is given here is the  5.3-liter flex-fuel V8 which can make up to 355 horsepower and will have a torque of about 494 Nm. The engine setup is going to combine with a 6-speed Hydra-Matric transmission and there is going to be a front-wheel drive available as a standard option but for those of you who need it you can order the car with an optional all-wheel drive system as well. The acceleration of the car is pretty impressive as it holds pretty nice specs now as the upgraded performance allow it to reach 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds. The added lightweight materials that the vehicle incorporates now also enable better fuel economy which is now measured at  15 mpg while on the highway this truck will consume about 22 mpg.

Interior design

The interior of the truck is supposed to be attractive and elegant. As most of the rivals are going this way the 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche takes the same road and adds the appearance of a car that everyone else is getting. The elegant and attractive features are bolstered with a new and refreshed dashboard design which is further bolstered with new and comfy materials. The inside will add wood trims and leather materials for a more premier look that you are perhaps no used to seeing inside a pickup truck. But the better and high quality materials are now a standard in this kind of models so gong with the time is going to be important.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche interior, steering wheel, dashboard

The model also gets a lot of technical additions and upgrades. With the added infotainment system you will be able to enjoy your ride even more particularly when you do some utility work or hauling with your truck. The cars ads updated navigation features and modern air conditioning as well. But one of the more appreciated additions involve the safety features that are provided with this new car. It adds  brake assistance, parking sensors, blind spot monitoring and a rearview camera for your convenience and safety.

Here is the list of product that will help you clean your car’s interior.

Exterior design

The outside look of the 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche is going to be very powerful and is going to adopt a more modern form now and provide great specs. The front part of the car has a redesigned front bumper and also applies a new grille which is just slightly bigger than the one that was used last year. The front end of the car also makes for the addition of new headlights that incorporate a new design. It allows for more visibility than before as the new LED features are used and fog lights added as well.

2017 Chevrolet Avalanche side view, headlights and alloy wheels

Other announcements for the exterior of the 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche mean adding some new colors that are going to be available as optional ones. Beside the standard ones that were used some time before we can also expect to get some new color patterns that are going to be given here. You can combine it with the standard 20-inch alloy wheels which have a new type of a design and are extremely light. Finally, the lightweight materials make a lot of difference for this sort of a car as it does a great job for its fuel efficiency and consumption. The available trims this time are going to be the LS, LT, LTZ and Black Diamond.

Price and release date

There are not enough information to help us determine when exactly the vehicle is going to be released but many indications actually place it at somewhere of the end of this year. We are leaning towards the beginning of the next and we see that the car is going to get its release date in early 2017. The price is still not determined as well but it is going to be somewhere between $ 32,000 and $ 40,000.


  1. If they wanted to create something ugly enough that it would not sell I do believe they have succeeded. I was one of those who was anticipating the purchase of the new Avalanche. Read it again ….was waiting. Looks like I will find something else.

  2. I bought a 2013 Avalanche (black diamond)with very few miles and it is a classic, AND it DOES NOT have that “Comerro” look. If GM wanted to resurrect the Comerro,, they should have done so and called it anything but Avalanche. (Calling it ugly would work)

  3. My reaction is that of everyone else’s…. if I wanted a Honda, I would have bought one. This “thang” is ugly! Someone needs to be fired for this crap they call modern/contemporary (whatever you want to call it). I like the interior thus far….. but exterior….. really?! I was also looking forward to upgrading to the newer model but I guess I’ll keep my 2010. She is still going strong. I’m so disappointed.

  4. Outside of the 2 dr with the short door , the second is like the old one improved
    I stand to be corrected I hope I am not wrong

  5. It is clear they didn’t listen to their customers. It ugly and has only two doors. It seems they have designed to remove all the reasons people bought the previous one. If that is what it really is going to be when they bring it out, I am going to keep my 2013 Avalanche.

  6. This is totally alien to anything I have known as an Avalance. . Ava has had such a tremendous reputation for being a sport ,recreational, tow capability, family size,and reliable.
    It will be interesting ,the base model if as described . Not even s choice. The engine sounds good . Transmission also. The looks . Alien to what an Ava should be

  7. Enjoying my second Avalanche because of the roominess and stylish design. Whatever marketing genius thought this “club cab” should pass as the Avalanche is out of their mind. Maybe a rename for this Chevrolet model should be Snow Flurry and we shall await the full sized Avalanche in the future.

  8. This is so Ugly. I have a 2004 and was considering selling and getting a new one, but, the 2017 sucks. That is the ugliest piece of crap the Chevrolet has ever put out, except the Vega. This Avalanche makes the El Camino look good and that’s bad.

  9. J ai eu un avalanche 2004 et maintenant j ai une 2009.
    Et le modele que je vois n est pas une avalanche beurk.
    J espère qu il vont revenir avec un modèle qui lui ressemble
    Avec un look féroce et toujour avec propulsion arrière.
    Style chevrolet silverado minuit avec arrière avalanche.

  10. OMG, no Hybrid model? I gave up on getting a Hybrid Electric AWD Astro that you can lay a 4by8 sheet of plywood or drywall in. Never mind all the latest safety features. So that made us look at the Avalanche. In the 2017, can you still fit a 4by8 sheet in it or have they killed off that practical feature too, turning it into a expensive gas guzzling hog of a ugly pig? Making something look modern just to look modern is stupid, how about making it aerodynamic for fuel efficiency? I guess ViaMotors will be the place to get a van or truck, check out the website….. http://www.viamotors.com/ . They take the Chevy Van and and the Silverado Truck off the GM line before GM ruins them and then builds them right. If only they did the Avalanche. Bob Lutz who brought Chevy the Volt is CEO of ViaMotors and currentl they supply fleets with these Van and Trucks. Soon to offer to individual car buyers. Come on Chevy, get your act together, you have been messed up for decades.,….unless ViaMotors is fated to be the new GM.

  11. I am on my 3rd Avalanche. I’ve been waiting for Chevy to bring it back. The model shown is UGLY. I’ll keep my 2011 running as long as possible. This is an insult to the model.

  12. I have the 2013 Black Diamond. Thank god I got that one this new one reminds me of the Honda ridge line. I had a ridgeline and it was a good mid size truck but come on the Avalanche should have its own look not the Honda look. Crazy come on chevy you can do a lot better then this. Please do better

  13. Ugly, this is a DISGRACE! AVALANCHE my A!!. I will keep my 2009; that looks brand new without a blemish on it!

  14. Agree with the Honda ridgeline comment and also the 8×4 ply drywall comment the old avalanche with fold down seats was a great idea I had a 2003 Z71, the idea itself was great and made it stand out just a pity about the build quality it really was a piece of crap build quality wise, which was a shame it will take a lot for me to get another chev and the look of the new one certainly wont convince me to give them another chance

  15. El que diseño esta avalanche estaba drogado tengo una 2013 black Diamond y la voy a mantener la avalanche 2017 es la cosa más fea que se ha visto.

  16. Change is good;
    What’s all the negativity???… GM isn’t coming out with a new Avalanche!!!.. I’ve been waiting too… I have talked to three different dealerships…. nobody knows nothing… But!!… reading this website it sounds like there is a chance of a new model..I hope so… I would buy one!..if you look at some other photos on this website you’ll see a full size 4 door version. It looks good!!..True, you may not be able to haul ply wood… Sooo!!…buy a truck!!..This vehicle gives you the ride Of a suburban and the utility of a light truck… perfect!!..ITS JUST CHANGE!!!!

  17. Agree. It is ugly. I hope this is only an idea and not the real thing. I been waiting for the new one, but if this is what it looks like, but the s10. Much nicer

  18. I could deal with the ugly looks. But putting a V 8 engine on a front wheel drive platform???
    I thought GM were serious about trucks. This don’t come close to the old avalanche. Might just as well look at a Chevy Canyon.

  19. I do not like the new Body Style, and who wants a front wheel drive truck? I have a 2007 and I love it. The 3rd picture on this page looks like mine and is a 4 door. Is that one of the new models and is it a front wheel drive?

  20. I have a 2011 and was also waiting for the new Avalanche to buy. Not now. I’ll keep the old one for and wait t see what GM’s competitors can come up with.

  21. I hope these haven’t been released yet. I was so excited to read that the Avalanche is coming back but then I saw the picture, LOL!!!! You’re kidding right? That is so freaking ugly!! After all this time? That’s your best? Dang……..I’m so heartbroken with the “Heart Beat of America”. Really?
    Try again but this time ask the customers what THEY want. Stop changing what works!
    Thanks GM but booooooooo……….thumbs down! ?


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