With an impressive mix of luxury, style, and value, the new and redesigned Chrysler 300 for 2017 arguably remains a top pick among large sedan enthusiast. Some of the highlights that might be the defining moment for the 300 sedan include an available all-wheel-drive, lots of standard features, satisfying technology and audio systems, upscale cabin, an exceptional quiet and supple ride, and a strong V8 power.

Its release date is expected to be sometime next year, according to credible sources.

Some of the novelties include unique commemorative touches, an upgraded suspension system, a few enhancements including but not limited to Siri Eyes Free, and tons of safety features available on a single package dubbed SafetyTec Plus.

Its combination of attitude and luxury helps overshadow the many large sedans already in the market. Indeed, we can reminisce its debut ten years ago and how it received the attention of its uniqueness and sophistication. Also for 2017, the 300 stays true to its roots but is now a bit subtle and refined.

Others might argue that some of its appeal comes from the available RWD platform and its V6 and V8 power offerings. But still, there is something vaguely imposing about this widely celebrated all-American sedan.

Irrespective of the engine choice, the 300 offers sound acceleration and an impressive smooth and quiet ride. And despite its humongous size, the 300 still manages to keep fit on the road and can move and stick whenever it needs to, thanks to innovative engineering. Its competitors include Toyota Avalon, Buick LaCrosse, and Chevy Impala.

Price & Date Of Release For The New 2017 Chrysler 300

We should expect the 300 release date sometime next year. As for the price, expect the 2017 Chrysler 300 Limited to set you back by an MSRP starting from $32,015, and up to $43,565 for the 300C Platinum.

Exterior Changes & Interior Pictures – 2017 Chrysler 300

The full-size sedan comes in a walloping four trims: base 300 Limited, mid-trims 300S and 300C, and the top-of-the-line 2017 Chrysler 300 300C Platinum.

Standard features and equipment available on the base 2017 Chrysler 300 Limited include Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, an 8.4” touchscreen interface, automatic climate control, a USB port, voice controls, satellite radio, Siri Eyes Free, premium sound system, heated 8-way power front seats, keyless ignition and entry, a 60/40-splt folding rear setbacks, Wi-Fi hotspot, cruise control, daytime running lights, 17” alloy wheels, heated mirrors, optional 19” wheels, and leather upholstery.

2016 Chrysler 300 side

Picking the 2017 Chrysler 300S gets you a sport tuned suspension, upgraded tires, 20” “hyper black” alloy wheels, additional 8 hp and 4 pounds of torque, unique black-out styling, performance tuned bushings and steering, stiffer springs, steering calibration, premium sound system, remote ignition, LED foglights, dual sport exhaust, and larger sway bars.

Expect the luxury-themed 2017 Chrysler 300C to come equipped with LED foglights, a heated power adjustable steering wheel, 18” alloy wheels, premium sound system, a rearview mirror, LED cabin lighting, LED foglights, leather and wood interior trim, a power aft window sunshade, driver memory settings, a navigation system, a dual-pane sunroof, a comfort-tuned suspension, additional chrome exterior accents, perforated and heated front seats, and a rearview camera.

2016 Chrysler 300 front side

Opting for the 2017 Chrysler 300C Platinum at the top of the food chain gets you everything on the 300C plus a touring-tuned suspension, adaptive xenon headlights, premium sound system, 19” wheels, power adjustable pedals, an upgraded steering wheel, upgraded leather upholstery, cooled and heated front cupholders, optional 20” wheels, and power rear sunshade.

Furthermore, most of what is offered on the top-of-the-range trims is also offered for the lower trims in terms of packages.

2016 Chrysler 300 interior

2017 Chrysler 300 Engine Specs

Under the hood of every 2017 Chrysler 300 lies a 3.6L V6 good for 260 pounds of torque and 292 horsepower. However, the 300S comes with improved specs where the same engine cranks out 300 hp and 264 pounds of torque.

The rear-wheel-drive, as per our test drive, dashed to 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds, whereas a 300C with an AWD system did the same in 7.1 seconds.

The EPA ratings stand at 19/31/23 mpg for the rear-wheel-drive V6, and 18/27/21 mpg for the AWD.

Finally, a 5.7L V8 good for 363 hp and 394 pounds of torque is optionally available for the 300 Limited. The RWD and the 8-speed auto are standard.

2016 Chrysler 300 spy front

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  1. I would very much prefer the stick shift over the rotary shift.
    Can the stick shift be made available as an option?

  2. Can Chrysler wings be indented into the grille?
    I am waiting for one like it to come out.
    Will not drive any other brand.
    Had the 2013, now have 2015 S.

  3. chrysler look around forgien cars are looking up. go old school bring back plush velour jnterior,come with suicde back doors, i know what sells, what people like so think about chrysler,

    • I totally agree. Sick to death of all these uncomfortable cars talking to you. I don’t want a car with a brain. I want a really comfortable car that looks & sounds good. There is not a new car in any price range that does that. What a shame.

  4. Chrysler has come along way the only way they can stay in the game is if they innovate and it’s about damn time. I have been a fan of Chrysler since I was a kid. I used to want to own neons, pt cruisers, vipers, Dodge Ram 1500’s, and even older cars like the 300 hurst or the dodge coronet. The matter of the fact is that Chrysler for the last five years has been restructuring the company from the ground up, giving a face lift on all of their products as well as engineering more reliable power trains and improved comfort of the interior of thiere vehicles. They want to be like they used to be back in the 50’s and 60’s an inovative and ofordable and reliable auto manufacturer and they are getting there. They are in a better position now and they are not going back ever to old technology. It’s the way of the future. Much like cell phones they slowly grew and grew and then expanded everywhere now everyone has a cellular device. People then had there hesitations on cell phones but even now seniors have smart phones and many of which don’t have land lines. It will change and we will just have to adapt to the new features and technologies of automobiles.

  5. I dislike the front console between the driver seat and the front passenger seat on my 2013 300.
    1) it inhibits entry when another vehicle parks to close to my driver entry . Getting in from the passenger side does not help because I am not agile enough to climb over it. I am 84 years old . I will trade my 2013 (300) in on a new 2017 (300) very soon. I wish the center console could fold back like the Lincoln Town Car did.

    2) I am about to crack my ribs attempting to reach contents in the glove compartment.

  6. I have a 2014 300 Limited. I would not trade at this time unless I could get all of the crash prevention features (Safety tech) offered as optional. These features should be available as standard on all new vehicles.

    Not all of those features were available in 2014 but Chrysler should have at least used a better grade of tires than the Firestone 710s that came on my car. Those tires would have only gone about 45,000 miles I replaced them at 38,000 because they had become unsafe for winter driving. I now have Continental Purecontact with EcoPlus Tech. Winter handling and braking is greatly improved and these are are 70,000 mile tire. The other thing I did not like was the electronic gear selector. The older mechanical shift was much better and safer. You could move the selector to reverse or drive and the stops would tell you what position the selector was in without looking. That was not true of the electric selector..

  7. I am looking to buy my 3rd Chrysler 300. Looking at the pictures of the 2017 the only change I see is the grill. If that is the case it will seem as though I would be driving the same car as I have. Where are the design changes?

  8. I had a 2012 300 and loved it. Unfortunately, I needed all wheel drive and wanted some safety upgrades and bought a 2015 AWD with all the safety goodies. The dealer had to go to another state to get the car, so, I signed the papers in advance. This car is nothing like the 2012. It rides much worse and is noisy. Rides like a truck and a lot of the sound dampening materials have been removed. (Cost reduction I assume)
    So disappointed. I had 20″ wheels on my 2012 and thought I could use them on the 2015, but, they won’t fit. The 19″ wheels that came with the car look too industrial. Moral of the story, make sure you don’t buy before you drive.
    PS Oh yeah, when the car came in I test drove it about 2 miles, returned it to the dealer and told them I didn’t want the car. Not an option they said. But they offered to give me my 2012 back…………………..for $7000. Pretty expensive test drive.

  9. Love my 2011 Chrysler 300, would love to get a new one, but the new ones look just like the one
    I have. Think it’s time for a redesign!


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